He Asked for my Number but Hasn't Text Me, Now what?

So my crush asked for my number today, Which I am so happy about. But the thing is I thought maybe he would of text me today since I told him to text me and he said that he will and I was wondering how long does it takes for a guy to text you after getting your number, it is a couple of days, cause now it 11 at night and I do not think he will be texting me since it is late. I just need some help on what to do since he hasn't texted me yet.


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  • If you don't have his number there's really nothing you can do. When you see him I wouldn't mention it to him as this might be seen as nagging. Though if you want you could ask for his number so you would be able to initiate a conversation. It's likely he got distracted from the time you gave it to him or just wants to wait a little before he texts you.

    • When he asked for my number, he called my phone so I will have his number as well. The reason why I haven't texted him because I don't want to seem eager lol but I just hope he will text me tomorrow or something.

    • Yeah I'd wait at least another day. Then maybe text him.


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  • He only got it today...
    Give it some time.

  • He's probably following that dumbass guy rule that they can't text or call for a couple days after getting your number. Wait a couple days, I'm sure he'll text you! He probably just doesn't wanna seem too eager.

  • Oh did you text him first? Sometimes you need to text him first, but if you really want him to reply first just wait. If that doesn't happen then go and yell at him. "WHY haven't YOU TEXT ME!" T_T

  • You wait...