When a guy introduces himself randomly? Is he interested in me?

Okay so this really cute security guard caught me off guard at work the other night and was so warm and nice, he introduced himself, shook my hand and then sat down at the other desk by me and started asking what I like to do for fun? I twas caught off guard... lol... all i said was hang out with friends and family... hiking and delaware river... and he goes oh me and my friends do that you should come next time... I just smiled lol... I was thinking to myself wow he's cute and inviting me somewhere already but of course I had to get back to my work and then he asked me "do you like riddles" but then we got interrupted again... Thoughts? Does he sound interested? We just met and for him to say that?

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  • Do you need a letter delivered to your door? Of course he's trying to make you know he wants to know some more about you. If you found him attractive, go back see him randomly as he did when you'll have some free time!

    You should consider all the courage it takes for us just to do what he did. If he really find you attractive and pretty, it's really not easy to walk forward to a woman we have a crush on and stay calm and lot having ourself become clumsy...

    I don't think i could had done so well yet. When i got a crush on a girl, can find the courage to get to her but.. it always end up she thinks there is an error somewhere cause it does not makes sense for her that a men could have a crush on her since she have herself low self confidence. But yes, it happends, there are some for everyone out there!

    Love, peace, happiness, hugs and cuddles :-)


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  • He sounds interested in you.


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  • Yes, he definitely sounds interested.