Why do men act so jealous?

Not saying women don't, but, really, it's a little off-putting. Girls get like that too, but I've noticed guys get possessive over small things and start getting on edge if you so much as talk to another guy. What's the deal? It's not like I'm sleeping with him or something...


Most Helpful Guy

  • Jealousy, possession, territorial. It all roots from the same thing. It's not this insecurity bullsh*t, or what have you. We don't like anyone else even remotely getting close to what's ours. Why? Because we're guys. And most of us know what guys are capable of. Even though majority of you women decide to play a completely annoying naive role at times when you're not THAT stupid about the situation. You want to be happy? Keep him happy. Then you're both happy. Because otherwise it will only develop to petty bickering.