Why do men act so jealous?

Not saying women don't, but, really, it's a little off-putting. Girls get like that too, but I've noticed guys get possessive over small things and start getting on edge if you so much as talk to another guy. What's the deal? It's not like I'm sleeping with him or something...


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  • Jealousy, possession, territorial. It all roots from the same thing. It's not this insecurity bullsh*t, or what have you. We don't like anyone else even remotely getting close to what's ours. Why? Because we're guys. And most of us know what guys are capable of. Even though majority of you women decide to play a completely annoying naive role at times when you're not THAT stupid about the situation. You want to be happy? Keep him happy. Then you're both happy. Because otherwise it will only develop to petty bickering.


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  • It's still the pattern that guys are paying for women's company, so they tend to want it exclusively...women aren't investing, directly, in a guy in the same way.

    • what do you mean? how do men invest in a girl in a way that is different or "more"..?

    • generally it's still men that are paying for dates, no? Not women? So men think they're entitled to some extent to be exclusive.

  • First, I would like to say that some guys are jealous and some are NOT. The same for Girls some of them are very jealous and other are NOT too.

    The point here is that small things like you said get your guy Jealous and this is a problem, that he care so much about you and that's why he don't want anyone to talk to you or even to know you. you have to talk to him directly in a very respectful way and try to tell him that what he is doing is pissing you off but you do care about him. in addition to, you have to appreciate him from time to time.

    Guys think like this: " BEING WITH YOU IS NOT ENOUGH?", this is what jealous people will think :D and they want to own you.

    My advice to you is to talk to him frankly and ask him having friends is normal, and if he have friends (Girls I mean) you have to ask him that we have to be EQUAL. what you can do, I can, just don't be mean and trust me that I could handle my limits with my friends(Guys).

    i hope my answer helped you.

  • Men typically like to feel that they can't be replaced (hence getting on you when talking to another guy), and also want to be in control.

    One way to look at it:

    "He's on his Man-period."

  • Yeah most guys will get jealous and no it's not always an insecurity thing either. I think we have that "reptile" part of the brain that still is with us even after 10000 years of advances. We are territorial and want to protect and keep what is "ours" (not saying women are our possessions more like the relationship belongs to us and who is this other guy trying to mess with it). Guys also like to be in control, which is something most women also want at least more often than not.

    I always felt that some jealousy is a good thing for both sexes, I've joked with my girl before that if she wouldn't get jealous it would mean she didn't care. The same I think is true for me. I think it only should become an issue when it leads to someone becoming too controlling or it crosses over to being insecure to the point where if a guy asks you for the time it leads to a full on fight.

    other than that what can I say? us guys might play it cool and collected but we can have our hot mess moments just like you women :D

  • Because were men...and we know how other men think. Sooner or later the he may try to make a move on our girl or take advantage of her. Moreover, every person whether man or woman is going to get jealous if their significant other is spending more time with a friend of the opposite sex, than they are with you.

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  • Obviously jealousy is not limited to just men.

    Jealousy is a tricky thing. We see or hear about something that causes a horrible emotional reaction inside of us. Generally that emotion stems from fear, anger, and insecurity and it's often overwhelming and difficult to control.

    in my opinion, there are two kinds of jealousy: rational and irrational jealousy.

    I think rational jealousy is okay. It tells us that there's actually something wrong occurring---your partner is actually neglecting your needs or your relationship. If your jealousy is for rational reasons, then its something you need to talk about and work out with your partner.

    Irrational jealousy is when you get these feelings, but they aren't really warranted. Like your partner is talking to another person, or another person hits on him/her but he/she politely declines their advances. If none of your partner's actions suggest that he/she's going to cheat or is neglecting your relationship, then it's usually just you projecting your own feelings of insecurity on your partner.

    People have some weird ideas about jealousy. People think that its okay to be jealous and that its expected, and if someone isn't jealous, it means that they don't care about their partner. In reality, lack of jealousy generally means that you TRUST your partner. In my opinion, jealousy is a sign of insecurity and mistrust, and NOT a sign of love.

    I think that the difference in jealousy between men and women is that men have the additional pressure to be dominant, territorial, and to "be a man". They see another man talking to their girl as undermining their manliness, and perhaps, since they "know how guys think" assume that he has shady intentions concerning his girl. This is probably compounded by comments that his guy friends may make if they see his girl talking to another guy. He doesn't want his friends to think that he's getting "played" or that his girl has "wandering eyes" because he doesn't satisfy her.

    Girls experience this too, however. Many feel the need to be territorial of their man, feel mistrustful of other girls, and don't want other people to think that she doesn't satisfy him; also, I think girls feel the need to protect their guy's reputation amongst their friends---they don't want their girl friends to see him talking to another girl and assume he's an asshole who doesn't care about her.

  • Now I HATE when guys get too carried away but when they get like all offensive but they are just playin its a turn ON but when they get serious its a turn off… its kinda like a dog with its bone the dog feels its his because he had it first and doesn't want anyone to touch it and or bite it if you don't get what I mean he likes being the alpha male and thinks you are his and only HIS!

    • I liked that comparison. I guess I do get it..a little. Thanks for your answer :P

    • Your welcome and men (most) are like that

  • Only the immature guys get like that. Tell him to go away and not to come back till he's grown up...

  • Jealousy stems from insecurity. And jealousy is just one indicator that he isn't confident with himself. When someone gets possessive and aggressive, that's overstepping a boundary and unhealthy. I wouldn't take that kind of behavior.

    • Who down-rated her? WTF.

    • LOL. I wish people would say WHY they disagree, instead of just down rating. But oh well. :)

    • Probably just some bitter males flaming every girl who agrees with me.

  • it's human nature

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