He hasn't called to confirm our date, should I be concerned?

The guy I recently started talking to, asked if we can hang out. He said he is free whenever I'm free. So, I said Friday. We didn't set the place or the time because I assumed we will do that today (Friday). Its already 3pm and he hasn't called to confirm our date. Should I be concerned? Could it be that he is busy or trying to act cool? Is he going to call me at the last minute and expect me to still be available? Guys do you usually call and confirm if so around what time? could it be that he doesn't respect me?...any thoughts on this, please help

A quy friend told me that I should challenge him because men respond to that is this true?...he wants me to text "hey you..are we still on or did you chicken out"? good or bad move?


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  • Of course you should be concerned. But not for reasons you think you should be concerned about. You should be concerned that he did the following

    "I'm free whenever you are free" <--What the f*** does that even mean? Is he saying that he has no life and is sitting around waiting for you to become available to him?

    He didn't schedule a time and a place <--Either he has no game, or he was saying this as a courtesy

    It's Friday and he hasn't called <--He is not busy nor is he trying to act cool, maybe he will call to which you need to cancel just to keep him on his toes.

    Why? Counter intuitive isn't it? Because...

    -You don't want go out on a date with a guy that didn't take the time to plan it out correctly.

    -You don't want to be seen as a girl that has no life either, and that you sat around waiting for him to call

    -You want to show him that if he is not going to accurately set up a time, that you have other things to do and can't be held in confusion like that.

    Tell him you would have loved to go but because he failed to set up a time and date for Friday and called you at the last minute, that you ended up having a change of plan. Tell him that you would love to hang out with him next week and that you guys should work out a schedule correctly.

    Trust me on this

    • And don't f***ing call him either

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    • You are so right! I had something like this happen to me, with the guy picking a day and when I asked the day before what time we were getting together, he let me know he wasn't sure as he had the day off and might do something different instead, but he would let me know. I was blown away with his rudeness but rather than get in his face, I let it go and when he called the next day I let him know I was having lunch with a friend. He actually wanted me to cancel on her. Jerk with a capital J.

    • That's what I said. lol good answer.

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  • I, personally, get back to the girl well before the time of the date confirming it's circumstance. Reasons for him not doing this are because he's forgotten, he's waiting for you to follow up or he is no longer willing to go on the date and hoping you forget.

  • Yup

  • Yes, ask him if he is a man. :D


  • Make other plans and if he does call, tell him you expect more notice than that.


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  • Well, it seems to me that there was no date to confirm; no time or place. He probably got busy doing whatever. See what happens the next time you see him, and if the subject comes up say we need to pick a time to meet. If he doesn't mention it, I wouldn't. Obviously the idea of dating him means more to you if he doesn't mention it, so your better off not over thinking things. Meanwhile, keep your sights open for other opportunities to date guys who show they care. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  • I just texted the guy I'm supposed to go out with tonight if the date plans are still on. Your guy like mine could still be at work and takes awhile for them to respond if they can't text at work.

  • Probably he forgot. I wouldn't advise you to be clingy and call him. Let him show you how interested he is in this relationship. Just get busy with your life.