He dumped me and moved on, so why is he calling me restricted?? Ugh!!

Someone please help. My ex dumped me and I moved out at the end of July. Since then I have gotten a restricted calls pretty much weekly. I have never answered, but was pretty sure it was him because I never get restricted calls when we are together. I had been getting texts too, but I blocked them and the calls continued. I got a restricted call last night and answered it. Only to have the person hang up. If it was a telemarketer or bill collector, they wouldn't hang up. If it is him...(I'm 99.9% sure it's him)...why is he calling me and why didn't he say anything when I answered. so tired of the games. He just sent me an email last week saying he doesn't understand why I blocked him and said he wants to know how I'm doing and misses our friendship...nice! He also wished me well and happiness...ugh! So...with that being said, it pretty much sounds like he is over me and happily moved on, which makes me wonder why is he still calling me restricted. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks.


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  • It is possible that some how or another you blocked him. Some cell devices will not allow you to answer a restricted (blocked) call. So more likely no matter how many times he calls (if he is blocked), if you answer it will automatically hang up. Its designed to avoid telemarketers and fraud. I've had this problem too where when I answer a restricted call it automatically hangs up, but usually its telemarketers. See if you blocked him, and try unblocking. Then see if he calls again and if it is still labled "restricted." That'd be the only thing I can think of.

    • I actually called my cell phone carrier and they said I would have to pay to have restricted calls blocked...so...that isn't the case. I am pretty sure it's him and he is calling to hear my voice, which seems silly, because if you moved on to a new chick, why the need to hear my voice? The only reason I can think for him to hang up, is if he said something, then his "game" would be up and he couldn't call restricted anymore...sound about right? Thanks for your input.

  • Whatever he moved on to--isnt what he needed. He needs you help him through the rough. Take that in many ways but, see it in all of them. Letting go to a good thing is hard and when you make a wrong choice you want a do over. All this is his way of not feeling that he has lost you completely.

    If you are over him move on. Its a life lesson that he isn't taking so well.

    Good Luck.

    • Well, she's 13 years younger than me! I have tried to move on and have good days and bad days...yesterday was a good one and then BAM...the restricted call. We spent 8 and 1/2 years together so no, I am not over him... :( Just wish he would man up and say... I MESSED UP! I MADE A MISTAKE! Thanks for your advice.

  • Either he still wants some control over you, or he's genuinely sorry for dumping you. I can't say which it is.

  • cause he's lying, mad and jealous.

    • I'm curious why you say he's lying, mad and jealous. Do tell...

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    • Sorry to hear about that. Well What if it is her calling you instead? This is a very confusing situation. I wish you the best of luck, that's all I really can say.

    • I truly think he is just calling to hear my voice. You figure, we were together for 8.5 years and he heard my voice everyday, but don't ya think that once you break up, you give up that right...especially if you're already dating someone else...ugh! Trust me, I miss hearing his voice so much, but then again, I miss ALL of him! :( So sad! just wish he'd say he messed up! Thanks for your thoughts.

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  • he obviously is having some issues moving on himself. then again, it might not be him , might be someone else.

    i would maybe change my cell phone number and just break off contact. maybe text him an ultimatum that he needs to stop calling you and you both don't talk to each other.

    • Like I said, I NEVER get restricted calls when we were together...we had a couple of "breaks" and EVERYTIME, I'd get restricted calls. Since I moved out at the end of July, I have begun to get them again, so I am pretty certain it is him. I will not change my number. Thanks for your advice.