How should I feel when he calls me "lady"? Is that normal behavior?

Im 24 and this guy I have been hanging out with calls me "lady" sometimes. I texted him hey earlier and he replied with "howdy lady" and then he asked me once "what are you into lady?" Bottom line, he has called me lady like 3 times but he has also called me sexy and babe once. Ladies, how do you feel when a guy calls you that and guys, do you normally call a girl "lady"?


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  • This is a good question, up until I was about 17, I used words like Lady, and Ma'am. You know, to be polite. What happened to me was - I was at work one day (in a dept. store) and I called a lady "ma'am," and she got pissed and said "how old do you think I am? Ma'am is for old people, like senior citizens, do I look like senior citizen to you?" I thought smoke was going to come out of her ears. I soooo didn't expect it.

    So moral of that story, I don't use anything that a person could link to as being "old," not after that.


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  • it just sounds like he's trying to sound like a ladies man. I think he thinks it makes him look cool and flatters you. but its kind of over the top.