Girls- Are you going into a second date expecting to give the guy a third date?

I'm going on my second date tonight and I'm wondering if there are certain things she wants to see me do to in her mind say OK I'll give him a third date. Or is she already thinking I'm giving him a third date unless he screws something up? I'm just nervous to grab for her hand and kissing her. But are those things that have to be done to get a third date?


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  • If things went really well for you guys on the first date (you felt you could be open around each other, you found some goals and values that you share, plenty of chemistry), then it's pretty likely she's already hoping for a third date. If date #1 wasn't absolutely wonderful, date #2 is probably a second chance before you part ways.

    Unfortunately, I don't think there's anything you can really do on the second date to ensure a third date happens. If you there wasn't a connection there on the first date, it's unlikely that there will be a connection on the second - and dating is really all about finding someone with whom you can connect and be yourself around. So, to give yourself the best shot possible, just be friendly, be yourself, and do some flirting. Good luck!


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  • Dude. I've been dating my guy for THREE WEEKS and we haven't done that stuff. In fact, by him being so reserved and sort of asking my permission through words or body language, it make me feel like he respected me and didn't see me as just an object. In fact, I was the one who initiated holding hands. Her body language should give you an idea of what would be appropriate. And no those aren't necessary to get a third date. Just be yourself and good luck :)

  • All I'm thinking is that I'm liking the guy and I want to get to know him better. If I find out some things I don't like, there probably won't be another date, but if we have a good time and I still am interested in him, there will be another date.


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