Why does he always call me with nothing really to even talk about?

So my boyfriend of like 4 months will end up calling me most days, sometimes late at night, just to talk. I'm always doing homework and he'll just be chilling at his place and it seems like he really doesn't even have much to say. A lot of times there will be an awkward silence even. Why does he do this? And he's always the one calling. I just find it odd. Like he's called me before when he was playing video games with his roommate just to chat or whatever, but then he won't really say much... Why does he do this?


Most Helpful Guy

  • It's kinda like a quiet guy or a phone-phobe being expected to call after a date. He's not naturally going to call, but it's the expectation, so he calls and gets all awkward.

    But I don't think you're expecting this of him at all. He probably just wants some form of your presence. Normally I can feel fairly comfortable just being with a girlfriend with now exchange of words. It's just being around them that feels good, so we don't need to keep blabbing on about all sorts of things, just go about that part of our day together.

    So it sounds like he's trying to gain your presence. So he tries over the phone, which he then realizes was a bad idea, and it kinda flops and gets awkward.

    That's my theory.