Why does he always call me with nothing really to even talk about?

So my boyfriend of like 4 months will end up calling me most days, sometimes late at night, just to talk. I'm always doing homework and he'll just be chilling at his place and it seems like he really doesn't even have much to say. A lot of times there will be an awkward silence even. Why does he do this? And he's always the one calling. I just find it odd. Like he's called me before when he was playing video games with his roommate just to chat or whatever, but then he won't really say much... Why does he do this?


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  • It's kinda like a quiet guy or a phone-phobe being expected to call after a date. He's not naturally going to call, but it's the expectation, so he calls and gets all awkward.

    But I don't think you're expecting this of him at all. He probably just wants some form of your presence. Normally I can feel fairly comfortable just being with a girlfriend with now exchange of words. It's just being around them that feels good, so we don't need to keep blabbing on about all sorts of things, just go about that part of our day together.

    So it sounds like he's trying to gain your presence. So he tries over the phone, which he then realizes was a bad idea, and it kinda flops and gets awkward.

    That's my theory.


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  • He's just lonely. It sounds like he doesn't have a lot of interests or much to kep him busy...you may be his only social life.

    • He works everyday, has three roommates, and knows like just about everyone in town it seems like. He has more of a social life than I'll ever hav haha

    • Then you must really be someone special!

  • Sounds lame. I never understood why some people in general call each other to make “small talk.” He probably just wants to hear your voice.

    • yea I no, that's why I feel like such a weird girlfriend haha. He says he doesn't like texting and prefers to call people...but it just seems more practical to text rather than call if you hav nothin really to say.

  • He likes hearing your voice. I used to do that too.

    Work on becoming a good conversationalist. Come up with other topics to talk about when he runs out of things to say. You'll find you get better at it as time goes on and it helps when talking to new people, parties, etc.

  • perhaps to him it's like "being with you" I had an online girlfriend and we would chat and than after some time would *cuddle* and not talk for a while. if you two know each other in person you could try hanging out with him more often

    • i'm usually too busy to hangout with him, or our freetime doesn't match up, I try and see him at least once a week tho

    • as long as you're making an effort. he might just want to hear your voice and is happy he has a girl friend.

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  • It's probably because he likes to hear your voice. Since you two don't talk that much, then it's probably because he likes your company. He likes it when you're around. It's like that quote that says that silence is golden. Sure it's quiet, but one day, you might just remember those moments..

  • He enjoys your company. If anything you should be very flattered.

  • He just wants to hear your voice. He misses you and since he can't be with you at that moment the next best thing is hearing your voice. If it isn't interfering with your studies or any other aspect of your life I don't see why it would be a problem. He clearly is really into you if he calls you while he's playing his video games...with his friends. ...Because he actually wants to hear from you.

    Do you realize how much he must like you if you're still on his mind while he's playing VIDEO GAMES...with his BUDDIES? Yeah, he's into you. He sounds like a really sweet boyfriend.

  • Well he just wants to talk with you or hear from you, since you're often busy, he might be missing you. Sounds like he cares about you and love hearing from you, even if there's nothing much to say :)

  • maybe he thinks its part of his duty as your boyfriend to call you and check up on you at night. even if he doesn't say much he probably at least enjoys hearing from you and giving him some time to talk with you

  • Omg , someone I'm dating did this too , he wanted us to calll each other everyday , and when we do talk , there isn't much "talk"

    So I asked him , and he was like " I'm bad on the phone , id rather see you in person , but hearing your voice beats not having you around "

    So we call everyday lol