Prom dress question involving the bathroom?

I have prom in next weekend and I'm wearing a dress like this link but it is blue. I was on YouTube watching some videos and I saw these two that concerned me: link link I know that the hotel that my prom is at has a bathroom like that because I have been there. Any advice on what to do in a prom dress like that, besides using the bathroom ahead of time. I hope they don't remove this since every question I have posted with YouTube links gets removed.

I will try not to drink lot on prom day and use the bathroom before hand. I'm just asking because you never know what can happen.


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  • Wow that's gotta be a whole lot of dress to manage all night. Here's what you can do:

    Get your friend to undo your dress in the back once you're in the bathroom, slip into the stall and slide right out of it and hang it on the door. When you're done put it back on and get your friend to help you do it back up once you're out of the stall. It's all you can really do with that much tulle.

    Hope prom goes well!

    • Thanks for the advice, I would not have thought of all of that.

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    • Have you done that before or had a friend do that or did you just think of it?

    • Years of dance, water polo and theater with body suits, speedos and large dresses has taught me that stripping in your stall works wonders as long as you have a friend to get the back of whatever you're wearing for you. Water polo was especially awful during tournaments because you're zipped into a skin tight one piece.


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  • At my wedding I know my wife stepped right out of her dress while her bridesmaids held it to use the washroom.

    I know this because one of my aunts, slightly drunk told me 'I met your wife in the bathroom. We love her. Also she has a greeaaaaaaat body'

    • Well I'm going with my best friend, so I guess if we got the big bathroom stall we could do this. But wouldn't it be awkward?

  • It looks like a pain to use the bathroom in a dress,especially one like that. I hope you can hold your bladder.


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  • I just wouldn't use the bathroom. My prom is in two weeks and I've decided I just won't use the bathroom. lol

    • That's the problem, what if I have to use it? I mean I will try to use the bathroom before and not drink a lot, but you never know what can happen.

    • The girl who answer about you gave perfect advice on what to do, it should help you too.

  • The dress is nice, how about try one short one prom dress. Then there is little problem for bathroom. :)

    • That's the kind of dress I like and even if I wanted to go with something else it would not matter because I already have this one.

  • it's beautyfull dress enjoy it

  • That is a gorgeous dress! I don't know how to help you though.

    • Thank you for the compliment.