My girlfriend still has her Okcupid profile still up?

I've been dating this girl since February and made it official earlier this month (4/8). So today I was bored and wondered to myself if she is still on okcupid. I disabled my account months ago. I found that she is but has changed her single status to "seeing someone". And that she is looking for friends. WTF? People don't become friends through online dating sites do they? At that she is looking for male friends ages 28-38. I'm seriously mad. She hasn't been active on the site since the first week of April but why not disable it? She has more friends than I do here. I think I may just keep my profile up now, and see if she says something.

What do you think I should do? What would you think?

  • That's f***ed. Dump her.
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  • It's not a big deal. She wants friends.
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I assumed she would of taken it down altogether. Isn't this what typically is supposed to happen? The status thing doesn't mean anything to me. It's still primarily a dating site. Friends you meet online, seems very sneaky. I don't know what it is, maybe because it's a big front.


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  • It took me a while to take mine down but I wasn't visiting it at all. Just too lazy to take it down. It took me months. When I did take mine down, I quickly checked my boyfriends and he didn't take his down. He just hasn't logged in since we started dating. Sometimes it's a matter of laziness but if you don't like it ask her to take it down.

    I have made lots of friends from dating sites. Granted they were looking for more and this was before I met my boyfriend but you can make friends on those sites.


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  • Honestly,i would talk to her about it.Thats the best way to go.I feel uncomfortable about it just reading your question.:/

  • You should confront her about it and tell her that you're not comfortable with her having her profile displayed like this


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  • I dunno, she might have forgotten about it? I know I forget about forums often. But I don't ever do online dating crap. Ask her about it. If she hasn't been active though, don't worry about it.

  • The hypergamy is strong in that one. Sounds like she's looking for a trade up. Kick her to the curb.

    • Well damn. That sucks.