Engaged men off limits?

This is for the ladies but men feel free to answer too of course...

So ladies, say your in a situation where you run into an old high school crush. You hit it off and exchange numbers. You yourself are single and he is just the guy you need. The only problem is, he's engaged.

How do you react? Do you figured since he isn't technically married yet that he is still fair game? Or do you back off and decide that you can talk and text every now and again, but anything further should involve his fiance too? Or nether.

I'm just mostly curious if its a big no no for you to pursue this engaged man regardless of how you feel about him. Or if you believe that since he isn't married that he's still fair game.

What would you do if you were in this situation and you found out this old high school crush was married? Same deal, off limits? or pursue a hot and steamy relationship as a mistress?

(also note that you don't know the woman he is engaged/married to so you can rule out that factor)

It doesn't even have to be an old high school crush but someone you used to know very well and just lost touch with over the course of a few years or more. I'm not asking if it was a stranger you just met and hit it off with and found out he was engaged/married. I'm asking about someone you once knew either somewhat or quite a bit.


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  • well, I have a tendency to respect myself and others so a relationship like this would probably be a definite no-no for me. Plus, I'd put myself in his place and also the place of his fiance and I'd know that wouldn't feel great--I'd also be afraid of "karma," because it does come back around.

    Either way I wouldn't pursue it. I believe that being a person of quality is much more important than a transient fling that will make me lose respect for myself. Besides, such a move smacks of selfishness and desperation.

    • Thank you, I agree! Its just something I have noticed though since my fiance proposed to me. Its like the fact that he's going to be permanently taken just attracts girls more! They don't even take into account that he obviously proposed to me for a reason and that when he is constantly blowing them off that he is completely UNINTERESTED. I just don't understand what is going on through their minds. I was really hoping someone would comment saying "yeah go for it" just so I could see her reason!


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  • If you're asking "Is it OK to be friends with an engaged man?" the answer is "yes" but don't get too close. Back off at the first sign of trouble.

    If you're asking "Is it OK to try and sleep with an engaged man?" the answer is "no" that's not a very smart thing to do.

    If you're asking "Is it OK to stalk an engaged man and plot to kill his fiance?" the answer is 0_o

    • HAHAHA thank you for this. I know it is wrong, but I've noticed many a women who don't share these same feelings. I know this because I recently got engaged and it seems like ever since then all of my fiance's girlie friends want to be MORE than friends. One in specific. She just won't back off!

  • Just because there is a goalie, doesn't mean you can't score ;)


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  • Sure go for it. If you want to be labeled a home wrecker and a whore! Yes he's off limits! Move on! There are plenty of other SINGLE men out there.

    • I personally agree with this. I'm asking because my fiance has a lot of female friends. And generally I don't give a damn since I have guy friends as well, but there is one specifically who is constantly texting him and when we are at social gatherings together she hangs all over him. He doesn't show any response to her what so ever and he only answers her texts when he feels the need, but this girl is persistent! Glad to know there are other girls who have the same idea as me! OFF LIMITS!

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    • Regardless if she's a good friend of your mans she needs to learn boundaries. He is in a relationship with YOU not her. I don't think youran would like it if you had a guy friend hanging all over you all the time. I highly recommend you say something to her, and it doesn't have to be confrontational. Next time you see her just pull her aside and say " hey I respect yours and (your mans name)s friendship, but I don't really like you hanging all over him like that. It bothers me and I just want

    • you to know that and I hope you'll respect that." if she gets all confrontational then hopefully your guy is smart enough to see she has other intentions. Best of luck to you. And don't be a wimp and defend yourself

  • Engaged men are off limits unless you're a selfish, self abrosbed, selfish, skanky, desperate bitch.

    • I'd never pursue an engaged man. I'm way classier than that. That would be entirely disrespectful and disgraceful to what a good woman should be like.

  • if you want to be friends then that is fine but anything more then no he is deffinitely off limits. I mean how would you feel if the guy you are about to marrying is flirting with an old high school crush. I would be so heartbroken and scared...so tread carefully when it comes to being friends but if you want more then run in the opposite direction your gonna be a homewrecker and I believe in karma..he will end up to being the guy that cheats on u