Engaged men off limits?

This is for the ladies but men feel free to answer too of course...

So ladies, say your in a situation where you run into an old high school crush. You hit it off and exchange numbers. You yourself are single and he is just the guy you need. The only problem is, he's engaged.

How do you react? Do you figured since he isn't technically married yet that he is still fair game? Or do you back off and decide that you can talk and text every now and again, but anything further should involve his fiance too? Or nether.

I'm just mostly curious if its a big no no for you to pursue this engaged man regardless of how you feel about him. Or if you believe that since he isn't married that he's still fair game.

What would you do if you were in this situation and you found out this old high school crush was married? Same deal, off limits? or pursue a hot and steamy relationship as a mistress?

(also note that you don't know the woman he is engaged/married to so you can rule out that factor)

It doesn't even have to be an old high school crush but someone you used to know very well and just lost touch with over the course of a few years or more. I'm not asking if it was a stranger you just met and hit it off with and found out he was engaged/married. I'm asking about someone you once knew either somewhat or quite a bit.
Engaged men off limits?
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