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Boyfriend still has ex girlfriend's number on his phone?

Last night while I was at my boyfriend's house I asked him if I could use his phone. My phone is off and I needed to call my mom. He told me okay and... Show More

Boyfriend and I talked about his ex girlfriend. My ex that I haven't talked to for a long time sent me a message through MySpace. We started talking again and he was telling how he missed me and wanted to hang out one night. I ended up telling my
boyfriend about it and he said well I don't talk to my ex and than he said only just a couple of months we talk. So I told him I have no problem for you to talk to her at least if your honest to tell me about it just the way I do with you.
We talked about the same situation last night and he ended up telling me that his mom sales food stamps to her family. I was like OK. He said he didn't want to tell me because he didn't want me to think bad about his mom. Now I know that they will keep
in contact because his mom needs the business. I feel this is wrong because it's wrong for people that actually need the food stamps when you have people like his mom giving it out to regular people. These stamps are for our old people,disability people,
anyone in need of real assistance.

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  • Don't take it much seriously.Just make sure you are with him and always be trusting to him.Since most guys finds it disgusting if their girlfriend mistrust him.


    • Is there anyway you think I can get him to open up to me about it. I want him to tell me without hiding it. I have no problem with him being friends with her I told him myself if he wanted to be friends with her than it was ok. I just don;t understand how he can act like if nothing. He told me she was his first love. Help and thanks for your answers.

    • I think you must burn the topic down as guys don't want to talk about ex with their new gf.it becomes frustating.but you can ask him about his past relationships where he can open her topic so you can go asking on with ease.And even he would feel better

What Guys Said 3

  • its depends on the situation sometimes they can still be friends I'm still great friends with a lot of my exs and that's all we are is friends

  • Eh if I were I'll tell him what I saw in his phone. Sooner or later something is going to happen hey who knows? Maybe I'm wrong.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D

What Girls Said 1

  • I was in the same situation, you did well by not telling him about what you saw, because he'll think that you're insecure about yourself, and that you don't trust him.

    Since he's treating you the best, and bragging about you to his friends (that's a big step btw), he is definitely in love with you, and he wants you to trust him.

    The fact that he gave you his cel shows that he has nothing to hide and he wants you to trust him.

    For the "recent" part, his ex might have called him recently maybe to apologize about what she did, but he obviously moved on, remember that YOU'RE the one who made him move on, so you should be secure about yourself and not doubting about what he does with his ex because that is already over long time ago.

    Guys keep in touch with old gfs because they think that it's cool, they're not that sensitive as girls are, so they just forget what happened and move on as friends and not more.

    • Is there anyway you think he would admit to it. I would like for him to trust me if it's not so important why hide it. I told him personally that if he wanted to still be friends with her it was fine with me. I just don't like for people to lie to me when I ask something or take me for some kind of fool. Did you feel this way too. Please help me since you've been through it. Your answers was great and very precise but it kind of still bothers me.Not that hewill try anything just that he hides.

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