How do I get her to see me more than a friend?

how do I get her to see me more than a friend because some how I end up in the friend zone how do I get out of that and get seen as more than a friend?


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  • Alrighty darrius I have your solution. So there's nothing wrong with being friends with girls, but uniintentionally getting to that place is the worst. Realize that when you get to the friend zone its a lot harder to get out than it was to get in. So the key here is to eliminate "friend behavior." What I mean by that is don't do what her friends would do. Don't talk to this girl on the phone for hours everyday, don't do a million favors for her, and in general don't act like you really need her. don't get me wrong I'm not saying be a jerk but you have to understand that girls want a confident and challenging guy to date, and a soft sensitive puppy to befriend. DONT be the puppy. So next time you meet a girl, flirt a little bit or even make fun of her. As long as she sees that you won't do everything possible to please her than you'll be in good shape.

    • I already do that but I don't know how to take the next step if this was any other female it would be easy for me but its not and I don't know why its so hard when I'm around her she go to smiling so I just go to smiling its like when I look in her eyes its like I'm staring into her heart she brings the soft part of me out

    • Well to answer your comment, you have to stop putting her on the pedistal. You see her as this amazing, beautiful, perfect girl and in reality she's just a normal girl. You have to realize that your seeing her this way is irrational. Sure I bet she's sweet and beautiful but theyre are millions of those girls around everywhere you go. So I think step one for you is try to think about what I said and if it doesn't make a difference then tell her. Its better than suffering in the friend zone trust me.

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  • You have to make a move maybe she thinks your not interested as much. I have had a lot of guys that end up in that friend zone because they wait for me to make the move and sometimes girls will but in some cases they want you too or talk to her about it and tell her how you feel about her and she will tell you one way or another.

    • Yea I see I know she told my female friend I need to talk to her more the only time she really speaks first is when she with her friends when she by herself she wants me to talk to her first I don't know why but she does.

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  • Workout. Pay her less attention. Start doing other things outside of your friendship, like talking to other girls, sports, etc.

    Please don't tell her your undying love for her or anything like that. Think of this. What would 'James Bond' do. Would he put himself at the mercy of a woman to decide his fate? No. He would be direct, assertive, and express himself as wanting her for more than a friend. Rejection and fear comes with this territory, so just do it.

  • don't try to back out of the friend zone, go straight through, get close with her and try to break through it. if you can't break through it then just cherish the friendship and find someone else to try to date.