What do girls do when they are home alone?

I mean what do they do when they are alone for 2-3 days.

Some of my chick friends have told me that they pretty much invite other girls to sleep over, but her friends don´t stay for more than one day. So after that they invite their best guy friend or they just stay alone. Can anyone help me out with this? I´m out of town for 2 weeks, my girlfriends parents are going to be out for one week and she doesn't have any brothers or sisters that will stay with her so I´m kinda interested.


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  • Hang with friends, have movie marathons, walk around in my undies. Stuff I couldn't really do if my parents were around. And yeah, I'd probably invite a guy friend over.


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  • Druggies. Time seems to pass faster.

  • read, write, clean, listen to music, watch movies, hang with friends, ditz around the house depending on how bored I am, go to work etc. normal everyday stuff!

  • Blast the stereo, dance around, play video games (me anyway), and use hair brushes as lightsabers (I doubt I'm the only one that does this.) C=

  • masturbate, dance in my pjs hop on the couch blast music eat whatever I want =D

  • Use your imagination. What you come up with is probably more interesting than what actually happens. Sorry to dissappoint you.

  • i masturbate and watch p*rn and loud music and chat all day long.

  • i watch p*rn and masturbate. This is the only time I get to

  • i masturbate...and go on this sitee..


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  • LOL This kid is trying to write a romance novel

  • You mean that girls do the same things as guys? Oh the horror :P

    Looks like we're not that different after all.

  • Throw a huge party!

  • The usual, house party, something gets broken the clean up repair and hopefully geting away with it before the rents get back and all the other stuff as well...

  • They invite their boyfriend or best guy friend and have sex with him.

  • YES! Two masturbation responses already. What about the lesbian orgy pillow fights?