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What could it mean if a guys says he wants you to have his baby?

Me and this guy have been talking for a while, I'm 17 and he is 20.. He told me the other day that he wants me to have his baby.. I told him I do... Show More

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  • Wow, creep. But that would essentially mean he "loves you and would want to marry you" (though I personally just say he's obsessed with you), apparently.

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  • He's trying to lock you down. A young man who cares about you would want you to experience life as an adult for a good while before pushing children on you.

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  • Guys tell you this to see how you would react. Sometimes they're just curious of what you would say, sometimes it's their way of hinting that they want to knock you up and claim you as theirs. My exes would tell me that they want a baby from me all the time and every time they mentioned it, deep down I knew that they would just leave me with a baby and go off to leave me with the responsibility. He may fear that he's getting too old and wants to have children before he reaches "30" older guys get self-conscious about their age at times.

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