How do you feel when someone calls you beautiful?

Beautiful, gorgeous, whatever you name it! How do you feel? Whether it's a family member, gf/bf, friend how do you feel?

Lol I know this is a weird question but I'm just curious!


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  • I hate it when people do that cause I feel like they are saying it cause I look so ugly that they feel the need to boost my self confidence ( fat girl says she looks fat and everyone says that she looks fine )but at the same time I feel like that there might be a slight glimmer of hope that I am not THAT ugly...

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What Guys Said 5

  • It makes me feel great. Compliments can be a real confidence booster if you are feeling down about yourself. To hear you look cute, beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, etc... just seems to make your day.

  • It makes me feel good, of course. Compliments, most especially when they're genuine, always make you feel better about yourself. Besides, everyone loves compliments!

  • It's odd but it makes me feel satisfied... As in satisfied with how I look and that someone else thinks that highly of me. Usually I'm very pessimistic so I always argue the point, but it's always nice to get compliments.

  • it feels great!

  • It makes me feel loved! :D I know I sound gay! lol


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  • Every time I'm told I'm beautiful I always blush a's a bit mind-boggling for me since I don't see myself as particularly beautiful and I'm not called as such very often, but I thank the person and smile.

  • well,..people tell me quite often tell me I am gorgeous. My brothers teacher's, my mom's friends, the casheirs at stores, friends, people I don't even know sometimes. One would think that I would feel wonderful about myself, and have a good self confidence. Well I don't feel wonderful,...actualy when people tell me I am gorgeous it makes me a bit sad. I honestly think I am far from gorgeous and borderline ugly. So when they say those things it makes me feel like they have pitty on me. When they say it though it seems realy genuine and they say it every time I am they meet me. when they say that I feel horrible, cause I know I am not gorgeous and I don't want people to believe it or tell me that. I just feel horrible and almost to tears after they say that.

    Weird ...mabey, honest...yes

    • The same thing with me, I am told all the time. But I still don't feel good about myself.

  • Happy and flattered but I never know what to say back lol usually I say thank you or joke around that I'm not. I used to be the "ugly duckling" so I'm getting used to the compliments still.

  • it boosts ur confedience !

    yeh it makes you feel good about ur self !

    hope this helped !

    can you answer my question {on the man that stares at me } I need more advice thanl you :)

  • wow. me? flattered, shocked, in disbelief, happy, grateful someone actually finds me that.. :)

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