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What kind of color eyes do guys like?

I have green eyes and sometimes they change colors like brownish and blue or gray, do you guys like that?

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  • I personally love Green eyes, it's not only because they're rare but also have very glowy kinda sexy look to it. Blues are fine for me too.

    • That's good to know

What Guys Said 12

  • Blue eyes are a good one

    • So are green eyes not good? Not that everyone thinks that way but just wanted to get your opinion on this.

  • I love them really, also love blue tho, always get a bit turned down with dark-eyed woman, luckily here in holland most woman have blue and green eyes tho :)

  • Yes, guys like pretty eyes, and the lighter shades that vary to other shades based on lighting or what you're surrounded by (change colors) are even more interesting. The good news is just about all eyes are pretty.

    Probably the most common/least "beautiful" eye color out there is boring brown. Yet, Hallie Berry has basic brown eyes and nobody complains about them.

    So don't worry about it; your eyes are beautiful as is (I'm assuming you don't have a disease or cataracts now), especially if you are looking right at the guy who likes you, and notices, and then you smile and all that. See? It's not about the color its about the eye contact and connection.

  • I love pretty green eyes. I'm not into blonde hair blue eyes myself, I like brunettes.

    • I am a brunette

    • Oh cool do you have aim or something?

  • I don't really mind what colour they are, more so they way your eyes look altogether, if you know what I mean? Like including your eyebrows and your eyelashes. But what not to like about green eyes? That's sooo cool and ones that change colour too, that's even better. Just my opinion tho.

    • Thanks that's really nice

  • green eyes are beautiful. completely mesmerizing. penis. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. sorry moment of immaturity. spoiled my previous meditative one. but what I say stands, green eyes are bewdyfoohl.

  • Green eyes look amazing because they are unique and not many women have them. The only thing I don't like is when women use the color contacts to make you think they have a color which they don't have I think that's wrong. People should use color contacts to enhance the color of the eye not change it.

    For me it doesn't matter what the color is, any eye color is amazing it is all about how they compliment the other features of a womans face. The eyes are the first thing I always notice.

  • As blue as they can get.

    Ice blue eyes on a girl causes some awkward tension because it's usually impossible for me to stop staring at her XD

  • personally I just like your personality I am a very kind guy who has brown eyes but eye color doesn't matter to me

  • That would be awesome! it makes you special and most guys do notice stuff like that

  • I love a girl that has two different colored eyes. I think it is unique. That's just me though. For example one being blue and the other being green.

    • I know a girl with one blue eye and one green eye =]

What Girls Said 3

  • I know my boyfriend prefers blue eyes, as do many of my guy friends.

  • I have brown hair and blue eye's with yellow in the middle of them and they change colors depending on my mood. Normally I have ocean blue eyes if I'm calm, normally I have ice blue eyes, and when I cry, they turn a very rare, light aqua blue. Everybody says they have never seeen my eye color before on anybody, and say that my eye color is REALLY rare, and sometimes they turn gray for some reason. But I know most of my guy friends like blue eyes or green(: So hopefully that helps you out. Good luck! (:

  • You can't see the colour of my eyes in my profile pic but I have hazel eyes and I was wondering if guys find hazel eyed woman attractive please tell me your opinions I would be interested in knowing I'm 17 and taken my bf doesn't talk about my eyes really should actually be asking him what he thinks of them but I want to know from you guys aswell

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