Is black hair ugly? Is it the ugliest?

I am white. I have black hair. Is black hair ugly on white people? I find that it is, although there are exceptions. I find it looks good on Asians and blacks.

Does it wash you out if you are pale?

Do you find that even brown hair is prettier than black? Is red or blond prettier?


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  • black hair is not attractive only red and blond and their various shades (i.e. strawberry blond, auburn, etc.)

    • At least, for girls. Black hair only looks god on guys.

    • I feel that way as well. I wish I were red headed.

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  • Its my favorite.

    My wife is white with dark brown. She keeps putting highlights in. I hate them. When I met her, she had it nearly black.

    Also very pale skin, and in her case blue eyes.

    Soooo hot.

  • I love black hair. I think it works on people of any race.

    • For me, I think it looks good on everyone except white people. Weird, I feel alone in this.

  • i like every type of hair, jennifer was ginger, alli was blond, Mary was black haired lol ima jack of all trades

  • if you don't like it dye it. simple as that. Talk to your hair dresser she should be able to advice you on what color would be best.

    • I plan on doing that soon.

  • i loove black hair, or really dark hair in general, but I'm not really into Asian girls. White girls with dark hair would be my preference


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  • It doesn't seem like it, but black hair and a pale complexion tends to go together. The two extremes compliment each other most of the time.

  • this is katy perry. have you met her? she,is hot. link

  • Natural black hair is, in my opinion the best especially if you have white skin (british for example), look at actresses/famous woman with natural black hair (eg: daisy lowe, katie mcgrath). I find it being the most attractive because it creates a great contrast especially with green, blue or light colored eyes, but it looks amazing even with black or brown.

    Natural red is the second on my list ... here I'll give you examples like Karen Gillan, Isla Fisher, Julianne Moore ... this however looks best and even though I may bee harsh, only on very light skin, freckled woman. I personally have no objection towards "gingers" as someone above me underlined, I find them interesting and intriguing.

    However, dyed black hair I find to be tasteless especially if it doesn't fit your complexion (eg: Cameron Diaz, Miley Cyrus, Lily Cole), because it doesn't look good any everyone and to get it done poorly is another big mistake. As for red ... this is very tricky to get as well for the same reasons as for black. Not all people can wear it properly and it might end up being a bad decision afterwards.

    I personally am brunette, dark brown, and have been thinking about dyeing it either balck or red to be honest. I have light complexion and freckles ... lol ... I know. But after I saw an old classmate on mine, who has beautiful back hair, having dyed it black ... stupid in my opinion, seeing as it was clear that it was dyed and also, her natural color looked infinitely better than the dyed one. I decided against it because I like my hair color and there are also other things than the ones mentioned above: For black ... it makes you look older if it's dyed ... and not in a good way.

    So whichever was the reason for questioning about black and red hair, just know that natural it's the best course of action.

  • Is (quality) better than (quality)? I always hear (popular quality) is what guys like the best but (slightly complimentary to quality).

    Which one is prettier?

    (throughout question the asker will never stop to acknowledge that beauty comes in more than one (general quality).

  • 1) Red hair is annoying! I -being a ginger- do not like redheads. Irony!

    Anyway. I love black hair on pasty people. Especially if they have wonderful eyes. And it makes me think of classical beauty, like Snow White. Also, it's unique! Embrace it!

  • Black hair is so pretty. I think it looks good on white girls too, better than blond in my opinion





    • Black dyed hair is rarely a good choice in my opinion, examples Hilton or that Olsen twin that did it ... I find it tasteless. Not a lot of people know how to wear it, or suites them. For example you go to the tanning salon all too often, stay away from black dye, go for blond if you must do it since it creates a better contrast. Black hair is great when it's natural. Sadly, because I'd like to have black hair but I have dark brown. :(

    • Exceptions for dyed black hair: Ashlee Simpson and Dita Von Teese look good. I find it looks better on men such as John Entwistle or Alex Evans.

      Miley Cyrus looks really bad there.

      Blonde and tan looks bad, most blondes can't tan.

  • I think black hair looks absolutely beautiful with pale skin, the contrast is stunning.

    Everyone has their preferences, and maybe black hair is the 'ugliest' to some people, but definitely not all. I think it comes down to the individual and what suits them. But in my opinion, natural black hair looks gorgeous on white people. It's not something you see often, too.

  • Try it out to see if it will look good on you. I really like dark hair.

  • i dye my hair black a lot of times. I like it the most

  • hey dude don't diss the black hair :/ I like it :) and what is "do you think that EVEN brown hair is prettier"? I have brown hair and everyone loves it :/ have you seen Megan fox? Angelina Jolie? sheesh people these days I really don't think any color is bad I think every color is beautiful :)

    • i'm sure you style your hair nicely. I do, but everyone calls me emo and ugly and all that.

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    • That would work. It is against my beliefs to fight.

    • don't worry just act like that and they should leave you alone :) you don't have to fight

  • Most people usually look good with black/dark hair.

    • Even someone with naturally blond hair dying it?

    • yes. I think it's worth a try.

    • A few can pull it off, but it looks pretty severe on pale skin.

  • Emo guys seem to love on y'all so its not

  • i have black hair and love it. it's not ugly, at least not on me

  • Black hair is lovely! You shouldn't be really thinking twice about that...