Guys....what does it mean when you make eye contact with a girl across a room?

I have noticed a guy in one of my college classes who makes eye contact with me across the room. He doesn't ever smile or anything, but I have seen him looking at me.

What does this mean? Is it an indication of attraction or not really?


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  • It means he notices you and he wants to get your attention.


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  • If he's doing it regularly, it's probably a sign that he's interested in you.

    especially if he quickly glances away if you "catch" him looking.

    • What would you recommend that I do to let him know the feeling is mutual? besides just looking back...

    • Smile.

      Talk to him. If you're in the same class, you have tons of topics: the professor, an assignment.

      If you talk to him, and he responds well, try asking him to help with homework! that's always a great icebreaker, because there's a common activity you can share.

  • It means you're either really hot, or just the hottest girl in the room. Girls are so complicated and stuff though, so he's probably thinking there's no point in trying to hit on you because you're just another dumb, complicated girl. That's usually what goes through my head. I hate trying to get girls and play games. So anyways, he's probably just checking you out once in a while because you're some decent eye candy.

    • Ha ha. made me laugh. thing is I'm not "another dumb, complicated girl" and I want him to know he can approach me....suggestions??

    • Sit by him and ask him a question...just ask him something about the class or whatever. That should kick up a convo

  • personally I will make strong eye contact with most girls at my college that I am interested in.

    For example, when you both look at each other and one looks away. I trained myself to not look away first. Apparently, it makes me more confident. I personally love it when a girl smiles first. This gives me that hint to a least talk to me. Another time is when a girl looks at you and then looks down.

    If he smiles back, that's a good thing. Try to get his attention by smiling or talking.


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  • he probably likes you.

    hes probably shy.

    try talking to him pretend like you have a question on what ever classwork ur doing