Why do girls think I'm shorter than I am?

It's really annoying because I'm 5'8 and girls think I'm short. I know it's definitely not tall, but still it's NOT short... There is this one girl that is literally like 4'11 and she was surprised when she heard me say I was 5'8. Why does this happen and girls obsess so much over height? ****

If girls think 5'8 is too short then I feel extremely sorry for guys that are like 5'2 or 5'6...


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  • 5'8 - 5'11 is the average for American dudes I believe.

    So your average height.

    But I'm an amazon coming in at 5' 9, 6'2 in heels so, you'd be short to me - I'm tall for a girl though so, nothing to fret about really.

    I guess height is equated with intimidation which is equated with the male fundamental icon of strength. So bigger guys just seem more appealing. Emphasis on seem.

    But a man is a man - you come in a variety of shapes and sizes so.

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      I'm really confused that I always appear shorter than I am. I think I got side tracked and asked two different questions haha. But why do girls think I'm shorter than I am?

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      For some reason girls around me seem about the same height as me. Which would put most girls around 5'7 to 5'8 which is way off from the accepted average of 5'5 for women. I think 5'5 is thrown off because of latinos, africans, and Asians are shorter on average. White women are way taller than 5'5...usually..

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      Well that'd be why. You have girls who are your height - the idea is that guys are suppose to be taller than the girls, so they think your short for a guy because your at their female height.