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Short men vs. tall men..

alright ladies, you see the question, which do you rather prefer and why? does he make you feel safe? make you feel better in bed? what is it?

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  • I genuinely don't care. I've dated short guys, I've dated medium guys, I've dated really tall guys.

    It was NEVER an issue, with any of them. I find their body type more attractive than their height.

    • but tall guys can do more in bed (position wise)... fact

    • Not that I noticed, haha!

What Girls Said 25

  • height and body are not factors for me. I care about their face, voice, character and how they treat me. I have dated boys exactly my height and taller and it didn't make a difference to me.

  • I'm not a small girl (over 5'5) so a taller man would make me feel more 'secure' in a hug because his body would really engulf me(in a warm fuzzy way).

    And generally the idea of being engulfed (not overwhelmed) is a feeling I like.

    That being said :) I've only dated guys 6'2 and over because they simply approached me and ended up being pretty cool dudes.

    I don't place a huge emphasis on height but have grown accustomed to the feel and perks of having a boyfriend who is much taller.

  • Tall guys I love, anyone over 5'10 or is still significantly taller than me in heels is great in my book. But the only weird thing about it is thatI feel like if I dated someone really tall I feel it looks like I'm someone's lost child trying to walk with a really tall man. Like a lot of my cousins are over 6'1 I'm 5'2.5, 5'3 give or take a cm. So you know how that looks in a picture(what I see in family photos) like I'm a child so it may just look weird in person but oh well.

  • It doesn't matter all that much to me. I'm 5'4 and I've dated guys from 5'5 to 6'2. As long as they're taller than I am, it's not a deal breaker. I prefer guys who are in the 5'7-5'10 range, which is about average in all of the US but short in California.

    I'm fine with tall guys but they're a little awkward to kiss, pictures with them look weird, and a little part of me feels guilty for taking tall guys from the tall girls who need them.

  • I only like tall guys short ones not my thing mini people

  • I do prefer men who are at least a couple of inches taller than me. I'm 5'4" an with heels I would tower over a guy who is my same height. But hey if a taller man is a jerk then I would take the short one any day.

  • I'm short, 5'2 on a good day.. so most all men and a lot of women are taller than I am. I don't like how extremely tall (for my height that's anything over 6 ft) It makes me feel almost like a child and that is NOT a sexy feeling for me. I think a man within 8 inches or so makes for a better 'fit' when it comes to lots of different sexual postions too. For me, it doesn't have anything to do with making me feel safe or protected. That is something that comes from inside the man, his personality,his demeanor and his strength. My husband is 5'10 and I know he could and would protect me with his life, no matter the height of the anyone threatening me.

  • I'm not going to lie, definitely attracted to tall guys! But that doesn't mean a shorter guy will not be discounted, especially since I'm not that tall myself. Most of the guys I've dated have been over six feet, which is funny because I'm 5'2''. Like most girls, I like taller because it feels like they can keep you safe, etc. That being said, I can still achieve that same feeling with a shorter guy (like 5'7'') because he's still significantly taller than me.

    Oh, and another reason I like taller guys is because I wear high heels everywhere. Everybody is always shocked at how short I am when I wear flats because I wear heels everywhere and look 5'7'' most of the time (I wear REALLY high heels). So guys that are taller usually ask me out because I'm taller/the same height as shorter guys with my heels on.

  • Well I was seeing a guy who was really short compared to me, he saw me basically as a piece of property and would only acknowledge my existence whenever he felt like it. I was really miserable with the guy, even though we only hanged out twice, and he treated me as though I couldn't do anything. Then I was meeting up with this one guy who was taller than me and he treated me like a piece of shit and made a fool of myself. After these two guys, I really did not care for men.
    Then I met Matt, who is my first and current boyfriend, and he's about the same height as me. He treats me like an individual, he attempts to be there for me, and I always have fun with him. So to answer your question, I prefer a man who treats me the same way my boyfriend treats me. Along with being close to my height.

  • Well, if a guy is shorter than me, I have a problem with that. But I'm only 5'3. Sooo... As long as he's just a few bit taller than me, I'm good. Otherwise, it's not because I prefer tall guys, I just don't want a super-short guy. Lol

  • When I was younger I did tend to like shorter guys more, but now that I am older I really have been into tall guys, I'm 5'2.

    Something about them.

  • as long as the guy is taller then me. I find tall guys make me feel safe and I like the thought of curling up as they wrap there arms around me. tall guys make me feel warm and comfy. and bear hugs are the best hugs!

  • I love all guys, short and tall, but I prefer taller guys. I'm 5'7", all of my friends are short. I'm the tallest out of all my girl cousins and siblings. Most guys I know and seem aren't too far from my height. So image when with I wear 4" heels. So yeah, it would be nice to able to look up to someone for a change lol. I wouldn't exactly say that he would make me feel safe. He would make me feel more feminine. I don't know about the bed thing. I haven't bedded a lot of guys, but the ones I have were average height

  • Tall guys for the win. Tall guys make me feel more feminine and I don't know just safe. Shorts guy just don't do it for me. I'm 5'4 shortest I'd go would be 5'11

  • Definitely a guy that is taller than me. I would feel a lot more feminine and much more secure knowing that I have his arms wrapped around me. I would feel less fat as well lol. Even in bed, short guy doesn't really matter but again it's a comfort knowing that he's taller :)

  • I think I prefer guys that are taller than me.

  • of all my crushes they have all been either my exact height or a little bit shorter. But I feel attracted to tall and short guys, I don't have a reason for it.

  • I prefer tall men, purely for the reason that I am tall (I'm 5'10"-11").

  • I love tall guys, but have dated short guys before... with the tall guy I dated , I loved how I had to go on my tip toes to kiss him, I like to feel little and feminine. I am tall myself and have a large build... I have always felt manly or like an amazon lady. So a bigger guy is basically a must otherwise I feel insecure and not as attracted to him.

  • tall is nice to hug +(^o^)+

  • I like tall men, they make me feel small and protected.

  • Honestly..it doesn't matter to me. I've dated a really tall guy before and a short guy before. It wasn't a factor at all.

  • I prefer tall guys (5'10-above) . As long as he's taller than me it's fine. Not gonna lie it looks so funny when I see a short guy with a tall girl. But in my case it's hard to find a guy shorter than me. I'm just 5'3.

  • Seriously? Tall men. It's been proven time after time after time after time...

What Guys Said 3

  • It's been proven that when it comes to systematic animalistic attraction that tall men beat short men 10 out of 10 times even if they both posses the same good looks.

    Only when the short guys have something more to offer, like a winning personality or very deep pockets will the short guy win over the tall guy 10 out of 10 times.

    • What about tall vs. short girls?!

    • @RyeLee; I save that answer for another question. :-P

  • women prefer taller men, in bed theyre are more postions taller men can do, but the primary reasons for it are primarily social

  • Generally, women prefer TALLER (subjective, varies from point of view) men --- "as long as the man is taller" rule but the rule doesn't always apply.

    I've seen some taller women dating a guy who was shorter than them and they seem to be happy.

    But taller heights are associated with status, power, wealth, security, and not to mention the standards placed by the media on ads. Models are taller because as some people put it they're "walking hangers" or "they fit better on clothes of standard sizes."

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