Do hugs actually mean anything to you guys?

So, the story that I behind this question is that about a week or so ago one of my guy friends (that I like), well we actually started hugging for the first time. And one day after school we were playing Frisbee in the rain and after that I said he and his best friend needed I hug each other. which... Show More

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  • Can be both for sure. In my opinion, when he said he needed a "demonstration" I would sondier that to be flirting. I may be wrong but it jsut seems to me that he went above and beyond to get a hug with you. The fact that he frequently has become more comfortable hugging you is also a postive sign that he may like you. As for me, I'm prettys hy and I almsot never initiate a hug, I usually leave that to the girl (especially when its just a friend) so I would sondier it a big deal to reach out and ask. This is jsut my opinion though. You would ahve to thinka bout a lot ,ore factors to get a better picture. Do you guys hang out alot? Do you feel comfrotable around him? Does he act closer to you than most other guy friends? The line betweenf riend vs. guy/gir friend cna be pretty blurry. I would try and "test" him, liek put him in situation to get closer to you or share certain thoughts etc. and see what happens. He may also feel nervous or shy so make sure if he doesn't respond that you give him a few more opportunites.

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    • Ok, well its kinda ahrd to put an exact idea, but you could like say stuff that sounds appealing like say if there's a cocnert you might both like you could say "I would go but I don't have ne1 to go with". You can do little playful things that aren't exactly full blown flirty but that give him an opportunity to respond. Like a lot of my firends that are girls, if their tired or something and were stadning around they'll rest their head on my shoulder. based on what you wrote heseems like hell respond.

    • Ohhh..great idea (:

      thanks (: