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Why would he say he's coming over, not show up, and then ignore my calls?

I've known this guy for about 2 years. We've been talking on and off throughout the time we've known each other. When we first started talking he... Show More

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  • Its clear he is ashamed cause when it was no pressure he wasn't able to perform and now you are acknowledging a problem he has "(erectile dysfunction)" as wanting more than what your getting "(more intimate)" and what he is capable of even though you didn't say it directly. in my eyes you overwhelmed him he is trying to avoid the weird it is you and him coming up with excuses like that never happened ( all the time) lol.

    Key problem is you asking for more trust me no guy dosen't give his all and you told him he fell short, can't take failure so say your coming and drop off the map classic. I hosted numerous sex parties and all my females will tell you some of my friends had excuses lol yes I share, nothing like a train. but back to business he even wanted to be seen with you in public he was hoping to have being tired and anything else as an excuse that he could. for future reference train him tell him let you know when he is about to nut the pause and stop and let him go down but make sure your telling him to tense up like when he is holding his pee and keep practicing pat his ego and in no time you'll reap the rewards.

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