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My ex still texts me.

me and my ex broke up after dating a few months, we took things way to fast and got sick and tired of each other. I never dated a girl with a kid... Show More

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  • Take is as she is trying to stay in contact. Who broke up with whom?

    • She broke up with me

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    • Thanks for the advice, just asking cause I'm starting to miss her and wouldn't mind seeing her but really don't want to ask to hang out cause I don't want to act desperate or clingy

    • Anytime. Good luckj

What Girls Said 9

  • All I can guess is she wants you back or wants attention from you while she is waiting to find her next boyfriend.

  • Take that as she wants you to still be in her life. She might even miss being with you.

  • Shes probably not over you, she may be bored...it could be lots of things, she'll move on eventually.

  • It sounds like your ex isn't completely over you. If she is sending texts every other day then it seems as if she is still thinking of you. Women tend to hold on a little longer, you know? If you don't reply enough, she knows that your not interested anymore and will eventually catch on. The fact that a little girl is keeping you connected makes it really difficult and I wish I could help more on that aspect. Good luck!

  • I think she will stop this as soon as she gets a new boyfriend. Take this as she is bored.

  • She's wants attention and she's bored.. She most likely regrets breaking up with u!

  • :) She might be having a hard time letting go too, even though she broke up with you. You can still miss someone even if you break up with them. It's a routine and habit thing to talk to you everyday. So she might be having a hard time. She might also be realizing that she isn't ready to let go of you yet and might want to get back together with you. It's something you have to talk to her about. Tell her it hurts you to talk to her and she needs to stop, then see how she reacts, that should tell you everything.

    -----> hoped that helped you

  • If you still like her go after her.

What Guys Said 4

  • She is hung up on you like a payphone, all exes do this. I would just keep it brief until she gets her sh*t figured up.

  • Tells me she is lonely. I suspect she broke up with you because she has personal demons and issues going on that she doesn't want to involve you with...one of which could be that she has a kid and doesn't want to make you feel like and instand step dad (even though you ar not married). I would bet a couple dollars she still has feelings and is reaching out to you hoping that you make the first move and show her some interest back. She may want to know that even though she broke up with you, that you still like her just in case she gets over what it is that is holding her back, and decides to take you back...

  • take it as a sign that she might want to date again but wants to take it slow and work up to being friends

  • my ex did the same thing after we broke up a few months ago.

    it was a bit ridiculous.

    you should take it as she isn't over you.

    pretty simple.

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