What stops white guys from dating black girls?

I am a black female who is attracted to all races of men. I find it very interesting, though, that white men are most reluctant to date black girls. In fact, men in general are becoming more and more hesitant to court us. Why is that? Lack of attraction? Fear? Social stigmas?

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  • A lot of white guys assume black girls want black guys and black guys only which isn't necessarily true. I'm black and I've always been more attracted to white guys, my friends are absolutely amazed on the rare occasion when I see a black guy and go, "Oh he's cute." But I've always been more attracted to white guys, couldn't tell you why. In pre-school I used to run around with some little blonde hair blue eyed boy and we'd tell people we were going to get married.

    Some white guys also assume that most black girls will act "ghetto" which isn't at all true. Then there's also the fear of random black guys getting mad for white guys dating "their women." The fear of meeting a black girls family can be in there too. With interracial relationships there's always the fear of people saying something but really your relationship is really none of their business.

    But it's not just the guys who'll wind up with rude comments it's the girls too. When I tell people I'm more attracted to white guys than black guys I've heard everything from, "What, you think you're too good to date a black guy," to being told that I'm a traitor to my race which is absolutely ridiculous. Some people ask me if it's just "ghetto" black guys that I don't like and are amazed when I tell them no. I know plenty of well educated black men and I just don't find them attractive, I'm just way more attracted to white guys than I am black guys, it's as simple as that


    • Though you can never say always, it is more common for black men to be attracted to white women than the converse. Look at the responses on average. I read somewhere that the worst race to be is a male asian. Usually the least desired by other races as well as within the race. It's horrible that people still argue a racial steriotype. There's ghetto blacks and white trash. All races have bad examples and good examples.

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    • @Georgiacarr totally agree

    • 1h

      @Georgiacarr I feel you as a black man I understand black women can be more attractive to white guys I don't understand why I feel like it's how the media portray beautiful people making it seem like white people are more attractive and some black women feed into that another things is just let the black dudes know they can't have you because once they hear you say that I'm 100% sure they wouldn't want you if you looked like Beyoncé reading that comment I wouldn't even want to say one word to you so like don't make it like black guys need you or care you're just one girl we don't care we don't need you

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  • For one thing, it's quite dangerous since many black men won't tolerate us making a move on 'their' women. Of course, no one ever objects to them flirting with Caucasian women because then we'd be racist, etc., But of course they're not racist, just ask them, they'll tell you.

    Secondly, most of them, like their role models among wealthy Caucasian women, are simply for sale, and that's not really very attractive unless you're into that scene.

  • See, this kind of thing always amazes me. I was born and schooled in VA. And you'd think by now, We would ALL be past a question like this. But then, you turn on the TV, or you pick up the paper, and it's like it's 1860 all over again... (long elipse).

    The short answer is, I have seen my (great) share of extremely beautiful woman, of every race and color. Should this matter? Should I take this into account? If I find a woman sexy, should I disrespect her because she was not born of a certain race or creed or tribe?

    The ugly truth is, we ALL suffer from prejudicial behavior of some kind or another. It's just so very sad when this has to involve love (or at-least nice asses).

    I, for one, LOVE beautiful women of every (legal) age and color, regardless of status, wealth, heritage, etc. Just give me a woman with a nice, curvy, juicy ass. :)

    • look up the word preference...you don't come off as being very educated..MOST PEOPLE DATE BASED on a person's appearance and yes,one's color does or can have everything to do with it..look up the definitions of these words "preference" racism" and "discrimination" as it seems as though you equate preference to being the same as the last two I mentioned

  • I think that beautiful women come in all colors, shapes and sizes, as I have no major race issues. I must admit though I had an African American woman pursuing me some time back when I was in the service as she often commented on my fat behind, which she always said was a compliment and that she would really like to be with me. I didn't have a problem with this and was always friendly with her. However when we were supposed to "hook up" as it were I didn't do anything, not because I didn't like her, but because at the time I was still a virgin and was rather worried that my "junk" wouldn't be big enough for her or that I wouldn't please her, so this was more a confidence issue on my part than a racial issue. I feel today though that were I single again and an African American woman were to pursue me again I would be more confident than before and I would be a little more assertive, not because my dimensions have changed from before, but I have a little more experience and believe it is more how I treat a woman than how big or small my parts are. I hope this makes sense and that it isn't offensive to anyone, I'm just being honest.

  • I'm a white English man and I am not exclusively attracted to any race.

    The dating site OkCupid recently studied the trends of who their members chose to contact and compared their racial preferences.

    Black women were more likely to respond to messages regardless of the race of the sender than any other group.

    White men and women were the most popular groups to contact, but also the most likely to ignore other races.

    Here's the link if anyone wants to read the full article.


    • Well I think that article is really saying something... possibly the most open minded/desperate and most 'racist' races.

    • I don't think it's a case of being either desperate or racist. I was surprised by the results and wish people could just be open to meeting someone special without putting restrictions on who they'll let into their lives. But that doesn't seem to be the way most people work, which is their loss.

    • and there's nothing wrong with that..it's called preference

  • Perhaps it's not as much an issue of black or white, but other factors? If you're a really great person, some guys may just be intimidated by that. They may assume you have a boyfriend. You may just be bad at flirting. You might not be aware of how guys flirt and you send off a different vibe, it could be that your look isn't working for you, you could be an extreme pessimist, you may be a nasty cruel hearted girl, it could be that you're just so busy that a guy can recognize it and not want to date you because you're too busy for a relationship - I don't know. Point is to just be aware that there could be so many things other than race that can affect how the dating life goes.

    You could be right, though - it could be a race issue where you live, but I know that around me at least, there doesn't seem to be any problems with "interracial dating."

    I seem to be just as ugly to black girls as I am to the white girls, so ANY dating tends to be pretty limited for me. Lol.

  • I'd like to answer a question with a question.

    Why do so many black women get so offended when a Black Man is interested or is dating a white woman? Seriously think about it, it might answer your question.

    Answer: Perhaps white men are on your side?

    • I think that perhaps some black women get offended because generally speaking many of them don't necessarily find white men attractive, therefore, with many black men dating white women it leaves little selection for them to date black men - that's the general consensus in my experience anyway.

  • Blaccent? Brothers? Jerry Springer?


    I disagree with your impression, and I find it to be exactly opposite of my own. All the issues you brought up are archaic, and they are melting, eroding, fading away. Though the old curses still retain some power, interracial romance has never been more popular, and it only grows.

    What you really want to know, I suspect, is why YOU are single. So stop lying to the world and to yourself, and REFUSE to shelter your ego by taking refuge in a stereotype. It's a non-constructive mindset. You know those guys who ask girls out, get rejected, and say "must be a lesbian"? That's an analogous thought process at work. A guy who doesn't like you, most of the time, just happens to not like YOU, or else is subject to any of 600 different issues that have little to do with race.

    Sorry for being such a brutal bastard about it. I hope that doesn't stop you from taking my response seriously. Good luck, Creolebby, and good love.

  • I'm a white guy, and I have absolutely no problem with dating a girl from any ethnicity. My first love was black, actually.

  • Biologically black people as a whole are more masculine(reason why black men are more attractive to other races of women). White/Spanish people are an in between and Asian people are generally feminine. Most men want feminine women and as a result stay clear of black girls. In either case I'm one of the uncommon ones that actually finds black women to be extremely attractive. I also date them(despite EXTREME disgust and rejection from my family) and my first girlfriend was black.

    • I think you're kinda right. You have to be a real man to handle a black woman. I think that's why many guys don't even try. They are initimidated and think they can't measure up.

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    • I stand to be corrected but I'm pretty sure that's an ignorant answer and black women are not 'more masculine' than white women. It should be treated as such unless someone backs your claims up with facts.

    • Its not biologically found that black women are more masculine or that white women are more feminine by nature. You have to look at the environment and culture of black people. A lot of black women had to take on the roll as mom and dad in there homes. They had to discipline their teenage, hormone raging sons, and manage the cruel world outside the home that made it hard for them to find decent paying jobs that would pay the bills and feed their kids. It makes you hard on the outside.

  • Nothing. I love black girls and that's all there damn well is to it!

  • Lots of white guys just lack the confidence to approach. That goes for girls of any color.

  • On the average, I'm not attracted to black women. That being said, I've known attractive black women, two where I work both of which married = not interested. Now that I think of it, a friend has this absolutely STUNNING friend, so cute it's almost difficult to look at her (yes, it's possible to be that cute)...

    My "hangup" is not the women acting "ghetto" as one person below described it. Hardly. I'm not interested in the juvenile bullsh*t that comes with ghetto, and EVERY colour has them.

    What concerns me is the aggro black men that seem to orbit in most circles that I've seen and I don't handle overabundance of testosterone (grandstanding or otherwise) well, and I have seen this both first hand and heard it second hand. That "baggage", for lack of a better term, tends to be a tie breaker when considering black women.

    I recognize that this is the exception rather than the rule, but I've met few black women that have had me interested... though I recall a little crushing on one in my church when I was 12 (she was smart and cute). Every other black woman I've met or known either hasn't registered on the interest scale or I just don't see them like that.

  • It's simple, men are attracted to what stimulated them as young developing adults. Mostly what they've seen on TV or in magazines. Those physical images that got them off then, gets them off now. Most of the more popular pornography in the United States involves white women. That's just how it goes. It has nothing to do with you as a person or whether or not you're attractive, or other black girls in general.

    In the interest of full disclosure. I'm a white male, and I've never been involved in a romantic relationship with any other ethnicity than white.

  • I think it depends on where you grow up! I grew up in the ninth ward in New Orleans. I was like one of 3 white kids in my school. I went to several dances and dates with black girls. I see no problem with it. My sister is with a black guy. I really think its the society that you grow up in.

  • I like black girls but It is rare to see one who dresses like a skater chick or alternative rock clothes. I don't like any girls that dress like they ghetto! I'm not that into hip hop altough I like some of it. I don't like people that can't sit still long enough to have a thought! I like black people that are into different cultures but to be honest, I don't like black culture at all! Good news you don't have to have any culture you don't want. And if you like rock music or wanna hang out with skater guys then that is black culture since you are black and it's your culture so that would be cool black culture. White peopl for the most part are not so concerned with being cool. I dated this girl who used to date black guys and she acted like everything in the world was a competition. I don't want to have to compete I just wanna chill an do my thing.

    • Im a black girl love rock music and alternative too... I only reallylike white guys..its just what im attracted to...i always get shuned cuz i act "too white" I've been call "confused" and an "oreo" since i was 9yrs old. I am NEVER ghetto and hate when people see me they think that since im black that i will automatically act so called "ghetto". I've also heard that white guys think black girls are too "aggressive"...what does that even mean? Does it mean that black girls come on to strong or that we just dnt take that much shit?

    • So u like a girl based on the outfit she wore

  • For a lot of guys its lack of attraction, I even kno one friend who called black girls "hideos". For me though it s been opportunity and fear I guess. For one, I went to Catholic school all through grade-high school, and there weren't many black kids. I mean talking to girls is no easy task and when I didn't have time or opportunites to ease my way into getting to know any it makes things worse. I also felt really hesitant to ever approach a black girl, I always thought they would be like "what the hell are you doing?" or give me a look or something. Or I thought that black girls are looking for black guys mostly, or they might think that I wana "get street cred" by dating a black girl or something. As for social stigma I really haven't had much of a problem telling people to screw off when it comes to my decisions so I think id b fine, and I mean my family isn't really bigoted or nething. However, I worry about what her fam would b like. I mean being over for dinner or fam events could be awkward even if they were nice, And I would feel over-cautious a bout a lot of stuff. And I would worry that even if her and I were close that I wouldn't b able to relate to a lot of her friends/fam and stuff. Also the interacial-dating things goes both ways, I heard bout this guy from nj that got beat into a coma by 6 black dudes because he was dating a black girl, and I had a friend who dated a black guy and when she met the guy's dad he said "o, you coudlnt find a sister?". But after my first semester of college these past months I've been defintiely meeting a ton of people so you never know who I could end up with.

    Also as for guys that say lighter skinned black girls the better (this in my mind equates being white with being considered attractive), I seriously disagree, I remember there was a haitian exchange student at my high skool and she was really dark but she seriously was one of the most gorgeous girls that I've ever seen of any race. Skin tone is def not an issue for me and probably not for a lot other guys 2.

  • Mostly lack of attraction. I'm attracted to fewer black girls than I am whites, hispanics, and asians. The few black girls that I am attracted to never top the list. I'm not racist or anything, I just don't find them as sexy.

  • Easy peasy, it has to do with where a person was born and the culture influence. For example, if persons were born in a black enviroment like in Africa, they will like black. However, some exceptions happen and media play a major role.

    • That could be it, but what's strange is that that's changing here in africa, I'm a south african black girl ( live in jhb) and because we are so mixed in schools and social situations, I see no problem in dating a white man. the differences in culture are what make for an interesting change....

  • I know this is an old post, but I just have to respond.

    Black girls generally don't take well to compliments about their curvatures. Say something about their big beautiful butt and they'll slap you.

    Too hostile, too aggressive, by nature it seems. Not a whole lot of ladylike civility in a woman who responds to a compliment in such a way.

    • ..

      So, a 'civil' lady is supposed to drop a napkin and adore you for staring at her big ass?

      It also depends on HOW you said it. I.E, "Love that fat ass or yours, sexy." Is not, shall not, and never be the same as, "Cute butt!" or, "Hello. How are you?" >>;

    • Nothing wrong with staring. You don't like it, then learn to ignore it. That's the CIVIL thing to do. Saying, "Ya better get off ma face else someding' bad gonna happen to you!" is completely unladylike when told "You have a nice ass." I told her to go eff herself after that and she just scoffed. Now your response to me is proof how some women are just too stuck up and overly conceited. Try relaxing into the world for a change, stop acting like such b$tches.

    • If I may ask how many black girls from other continents apart from America do u know? all black people aren't the same we come from different backgrounds

  • i would love to date a black woman. black girls are hot.

  • Creole,

    Im a preppy white guy from Atlanta and I dated a black girl for quite a while before I started working abroad and honestly though my parents are what they refer to as "old atlanta money" they really did not have any problems with me dating her. She was black as pitch too but for me at least it was like any other dating experience -you know making out, dancing, lighting up, eating, seeing movies, late night parties alone together...but as far as it goes in terms of difference with "white girls" I kind of felt like she was more honest and forthcoming with me and a bit more sexually charged too but maybe that was because of the chemistry I don't know god she was so hot -I still keep in touch with her -have a feeling like we might date again sometime in the future...thats just my feeling.

  • I just don't find black people or people from india attractive.

    • Wow! what a surprise. I think Indian women are the most exotic lookin females, out there.

    • I used to think Indian women were pretty ugly til I went overseas and saw Indian MTV. With over a billion people there are likely to be some hot girls there somewhere.

    • I don't know what it is, indian people just don't do it for me. They have a certain je any sais quois that doesn't click with me. Although it doesn't mean I don't make friends with indians.

  • I do find many black girls attractive and would consider dating them. But the type of black girls that I find attractive is not the same type that most black guys find attractive I think. I really hate a big booty and too large breasts. And I don't like their hair sometimes, anything Rasta hairstyle for example. And I like fit girls no matter their race. Maybe you don't fit into that category who knows.

  • idk I just don't find black girls attractive and all people that I hang out with don't either

    idk I really can't seem to find out why

  • This is a great question, I've always felt that black girls are really sexy, I just never thought they had the same thinking towards me. I don't think there's any social 'obligation' to date a certain race (your own), but I can definitely see where many do. People are really all different and it's good to know I wasn't alone in thinking black girls are just as gorgeous as any other race.

    • Sometimes you just have to get to the girl. Because I try to figure out which white boys like black girls but who can tell until we ask them ourselves. But one thing you should not do is try to talk "black" slang. Its a turn off!

    • Hey hon,I think you should answer my question,im superrr curious.


  • I would imagine lack of attraction.

    I personally don't know what other guys are thinking. I like girls of all ethnicities. I think black girls are especially fine because, from my limited experience, they tend to be thicker in the right places than white girls. I'm biased because I like a girl with curves; it looks healthy.

    The reason I don't get up and chat one up is because (1) I'm kind of shy and introverted in person, and (2) they tend to hang out in groups of friends and it's awkward to approach them when they are with other people.

  • Whenever a white man dates a black women the black men won't keep their mouths shut. I've experienced it myself dating my first and last black girl. It was annoying.

  • I don't mind being friends with black girls but for me I just don't find them attractive for some reason

  • I am just not interested in black girls that much...i do not find them that attractive to me. Not that they are not pretty I am just not attracted.

  • Negative sterotypes are one major key factor, a t of white guys usally think that black girls aren't attracted to them...thirdly they worry what other People (ie Friends, families, other black guys...ect) will think. Its a load of bullcrap but its the truth. Personally if I met a black girl that I"m attracted to and Compatable with I would harsh date her...and give anyone who has anything to say about it the finger...because its my relationship not theirs..

    • Hey hon,I think you should answer my question,im superrr curious.lol


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  • i think that a lot of white males might find the stereotypical (loud, in your face, whatever else falls under there) black female intimidating and too much of a hassle, so they just stay away from all in general. obviously the stereotype doesn't apply to all, but I've seen this sort of question several times on this site now and a lot of answers always come back to the stereotype, with guys saying, "if she doesn't fit the stereotype and is nice and calm and etcetc, I would like to get to know her better"

  • I'm not a white GUY, but as a white GIRL I can tell you that most black women seem... not to sound racist, but rather stand-offish. I'm very intimidated by them because they don't appear to ME to be as receptive or as welcoming as my "usual crowd". I have plenty of black friends, however, our friendships were only started because THEY approached ME. I realize this is really backward thinking and I'm probably just acting insecure, but black women look like can kick my butt with a remarkable amount of ease. Then again, I avoid the overly-confident "cheerleader" type white girls as well.

    • lol your answer reminds me of the movie Mean Girls. Remember that clique, the "Unfriendly Black Hotties"?

  • My experience is they feel as though black females wouldn't give them the time of day so they don't bother.

  • Okay this goes back to the media and what we've been brainwashed to accept as beautiful and sexy. We've been bombarded with images all our lives, movies, commercials, shows, we are continuely being shown these images of what is "supposed" to look good. To be considered pretty or beautiful you have to either have eurocentric features or pretty close to it. Long hair, lighter skin, either blonde or brown, light colored eyes, and being thin is the "standard" beauty. We've been shown this all our lives till the point the majority believes this, notice how someone non black or black will be quicker to say beyonce or rihanna is hot rather than another other black person in the media. Why? because we've been shown their images over and over again and told over and over again they are sexy, they are beautiful ( not to say riihanna and beyonce aren't beautiful because that would be a lie) . It's more "acceptable" to date someone that would either look like beyonce or rihanna because they have "eurocentric" features.

    If you don't fit the bill most likely many won't be attracted as crazy and stupid as it sounds. Media has a hold on us, like someone's comment below, babies aren't taught to be racist, children aren't racist, it's taught. Honestly I think some white guys won't approach because of stereotypes, they believe black girls are loud, obnoxious, always having an attitude, and then they don't fit the media standard, and will probably not approach. I'm not saying all white guys are like that, but I'm sure there are a lot who may feel this way. Stereotypes gets no one any where, I'm a quiet, reserved black girl, who reads everyday, who is in no way "ghetto", and shy.

    Come on people this is 2010, we need to really get off these stereo types and actually get to know people.

    • Theres a reason they say that light skin blonde hair and light eyes are sexier...cuz they are, I love that look its sooo sexy

    • as a guy let me say that recent studies show that most people date exclisively within their own race.the interracial relationships on TV and in movies and among hollywood celebrities does NOT reflect the norm'..besides,preference is preference and shouldn't be blown into some huge issue.

  • The same thing that stops any guy...fear of rejection.

  • Probably just lack of attraction.

  • LOL... Did any of you know that Ann Coulter was dating Jimmie "Jay Jay" Walker?

    All sorts of people get together for all sorts of reasons, evidently...

    I really wish that race was not an issue . As it stands, I am fed-up with the world's BS.

  • i hate these questions, I really do. it doesn't always have to be about race.

    • Sometimes it's not about race, but just preference.

      You can substitute out black and white for fat and thin, or brunette and redheads.

      The woman who posed the question wanted some clarity... she wanted to see if it was a racial reason or a preferential reason. I think the good thing is that there hasn't been an anonymous moron spewing racist/bible thumping "rationale" as to why people from different races/cultures shouldn't be together.

    • I hate these questions too bcz race has nothing to do with it! I suppose at least with me it was how I was raised; its really not even a socioenvironmental conditioning type of thing anymore its basically an overall personal choice that has no right or wrong answer to...in the end though its about chemistry and attraction...even though as they say once you go black you never go back -Im intrigued by all colors and creeds!!!

  • Well I'm mixed so I just called my friend John and he said that he is scared of african amercian ladies because they argue alot... But not all

  • I go to a community college and I notice this a lot too...

    I think its just a social stigma. White men think that they have to act like the black men that they see on TV if they are going to date a black woman.

    I am a white female and I am dating a dominican/black mixed male. I never saw the color of his skin as being a problem, and I knew that my family would respect whoever I choose. I think that most white household families are not okay with the whole situation, so the men feel pressured not to bring a black woman home.

  • some guys are jerks

  • i have a black friend who also questions this. she said she really likes this one white guy. in a group chat, he said that he would date any race or creed but when it came to her asking him out he said, I'm not into u. the next day I asked him why didn't you say yes? he said because she is black and she is too big I'm afraid of her. I figured its cus she's a tall strong girl(she played on a male football team in high school) a lot of white guys are afraid of big girls. guys want to protect someone then someone protecting them. as hard as it is to say this but if my friend was a lot smaller girl this guy would have went for her, I have noticed that a lot of black girls are tall or heavier then a white, Hispanic or any other race. I don't kno how much you way for your body type but a lot of guys like to hold someone and not be held

  • half these things the guys are saying are not true, I'm a black women and I'm very attrated to white guys but I'm not rude,loud,ignorent or any of that stuff it actually takes me a while to truly get close to a guy any race of guy,but I also lived in australia for most of my life but before any of you stereotype its a good country(and I'm not aboriginal..lol)and not a lot of white guys approach me .i realllly don't like the way some black guys are just so upfront with their comments it does kind of suprize me but seriously guys approach a black women sometimes you might be suprised by her response :)

  • Well I'm a black girl and I've had white guys like me and hit on me. Or some just check me out and don't say nothing.

    To answer your question, I think it's because they're afraid of rejection.

    • Well guys are afraid of rejection from any cute girls. I do admit yall have sum niiiice asses haha

  • Thats funny because I'm from LA and see white guys dating black girls all the time!I guess its just where you live?

  • My boyfriend is German and I'm Jamaican.. Nothing stopped him from chasin this tail hunnay ;)

    • What you said . my bofriendd is white and I'm black and that didn't stop him from chasing what he wanted .

  • I've never net a white dude that sisnt want a black chick..lol. My boyfriend is white and I've been with him for a year <33

  • I think fear and social stigmas is at the top of the list. It is much more excepted if your families and friends are OK with your dating choices. The city you live in also has a big play in it. I live in Seattle and international dating is common here. I have been dating black men for 20 years and hence my son (34) loves black women and has even been in a long term relationship with a girl that I love and feel is a very good person. So don't blame the men you just haven't found the right one.

    Good Luck!



  • Out of all honesty, I'm not trying to be offensive or anything and I'm not saying this is true in every case But my dad is white and 52 years old and he grew up around a lot of racial crap. And he wouldn't not allow me to date a black guy but he more than likely would not approve of it and also I would never hear the end of it. I think a lot of it is stereotypical stuff and I personally would want to go out with a few cute black guys but I don't think my family or friends would ever approve of it and I don't want to dissapoint them. Even though blacks and whites all equal now there is still A lot of racism, and there always will be.

  • I think its because they are either afraid or intimidated by how some black women act what they see on tv thats what they think Black women look like and act like but thats not always the case im half Native American and Half Dominican but im darker and because im darker guys usually see me as black and other guys see me as native because my high cheek bones i do not act like a ghetto girl there's a difference between educated women and non educated women there's white women I've seen act ghetto too and those are the ones blac guys usually go for no disrespect to anyone but wherw i live i only see not really attractive white women with black men so i think it has to do with the judgement of others and what they would think people see a person of color with a white pperson they judge you but who cares like i was with my bf for 3 years and they would look at us like we was aliens some facial expressions were funny i just laughed like its not the norm for black or Spanish girl to be with a white guy but its the norm for a black man to be with a white girl so they rarely get any looks it can have something to do with the attraction also but for the most part its all on what you like

  • Does it honestly matter? I don't know if it is just me or if others could relate but I am a black female and despite all the social, cultural and political differences surrounding interracial relationships, I can honestly say that I could care less about that. In the end, it doesn't matter if a man regardless of his ethnicity isn't or is attracted to me because I'm comfortable in my skin and confident enough to flaunt it.

  • well from what I found out from other white guys on here is that they don't kno how to approach black girls, because they dnt kno how we're gonna react - whether we'll insult them, be shockd or if we'll act completely normal. I was askin myself the same question cause I'm into white guys but never been approached by 1 - now I kno why =) dnt kno if thas helpd

  • Probably lack of attraction... :/

  • Im probalby very late on this topic but I have experienced that all my life. Never been very attracted to black men always white, latin or Asian. Im now married to a white man who share high attraction for black women as well, we were blessed to find one another. When I was young the way I put it about not wanting to date black men was probably not the best choice but people wouldn't leave it alone and I would get frustrated make a comment that didn't sit well but crap none of their business! any who. I experienced a lot of that nonsense mostly in middle school and high school. I have wondered that too. I just feel that most white men are attracted to certain features and body that most black women dont have, but hey really nothing that can be done bout that. Slender build soft angled facial features and long hair seems to be white and Asian mens forte. I also have seen a study that Asian men and black women were least desired of all races... that is dissappointing but seems more and more men of other cultures are opening up to trying interacial dating and I think thats amazing. i know there's still tight wads that dont, but I embrace it. gosh I can go on and on but very good topic. sorry for mispellings >_<L

  • Looks like a lot of people think all black people behave like American, black people from different cultural background, different homes and different environments. the fact that some black people from some part of the world like a popular country like america, have some kinda stereotypes means all blacks in general. I am an African girl and get very offended by some of this rude ass comments towards black females. in Africa and other part of the world this false accusation some people are saying doesn't exist at all, next time when saying something unpleasant about black females, remember not only black Americans females exist in the entire word, there are other black females In other parts of the world who are innocent about this so called stereotypes existing in america thanks

  • Since when did guys (we're talking about white men here) ever worry about culture OR similar personality interests when dating women? It's a notorious pattern observed that MEN will even put UP with girls with bad personalities or incompatible matches for the sake of their attraction factor to that female (that is why you see men hooking up with an extremely attractive girl even if he has to put up with arguments, etc). And if the men usually don't find you attractive, they will use your personality as an excuse (oh, she doesn't have similar cultural values to me , or she's too loud of a person...). that's my opinion. When it comes to men satisfying the call of their 'down unders' , they could care less about your cultural values, personalities...

    So all these excuses of not liking black women centering around her personality traits sound like a way to get off (dancing around the corner). We all know that most men just at the end of the day want to have sex and sexual stimuli are rather looks driven so I'd think they'd choose women based on their looks for the most part... so don't write off black women because of their 'personality' traits because you never really looked at personality traits in the first place if you get what I'm trying to say; it's just an excuse and I wouldn't be readily to believe that as a reason to not approach women. ALSO saying you are afraid----if most men were so intimidated as to approach girls you wouldn't see that many men with 10s now would you? You'd think men would be REALLY intimidated of rejection from a girl that is out of their league, but I have seen a lot of average men hooking up with 10s, so the 'fear' of rejection approaching black women is questionnable in my mind.. not saying it could possibly be the reason, but I'd like to consider a perspective...

  • I'm a black girl &&I really like white guys, it's not that I don't like my race at all... I've just been more attracted to another, that's all. But I've been told that I'm racist against my own kind, I think I'm too good for black boys, etc. No none of that's true, I just have white guys, been that way since I was a little girl. I don't know if it's because of my grandmother marrying a white man or what... I just prefer white. I've dated black guys before, &&that was a big socket my family. Heck when I say a black looks good I get a weird look &&hear "did she just say a black boy looks good?" I find it retarded &&childish. So half of the time I don't even respond... point to all of this is IT DOESN'T MATTER IF HE'S WHITE YOU LIKE WHO YOU LIKE. DOESN'T MATTER WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY.! I LOVE WHITE MEN &&I'M PROUD TO SAY IT.!

  • Black girls rule!

  • Society and fear

  • what is up with all these desperate ass black girls on the internet pining away for white guys? stop it! I'm a black girl and your making us look bad. not all of us are white boy crazy and desperate ready for a caucasian savior to come take us away...you should have more pride in yourself because it sounds like you are desperate for a white guy... comments like the ones you have gotten makes me glad I don't like white boys. a lot of them are just not interested in black girls and most of us are not feeling them either this is america honey most people still believe in the stereotypes and apply them to all of us. why would you want to date someone like this? we are at the bottom of the social totem pole in many ppls eyes. you have people saying that we're big, aggressive and mean and loud lol its crazy. I've met girls like that of all races but we're the only ones that get generalized. most of these people probably only know like 5 black people personally so how can they generalize? just date a black man, or at least a hispanic or mixed guy

    • I don't date black men because I'm tired if tired ass niggas with no scense and whit eboys are just plain sexier unless your drake or trey songz other wise my black ass is dating my white ass or as he calls him self redneck boyfriend

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    • ANOTHER SELLOUT! you think you're a white girl and think you're better than black people because you gotta white boyfriend. I wonder if that white guy will introduce you to his parents or marry you one day? yeah I doubt it sista. there are decent black guys out there but a sellout would rather date white trash than find a good black man..if you wanna date outside your race - fine, but do you realize how much of a uncle tom you look dissing your own ppl? I bet your white boyfriend doesn't diss white girls

    • totally agree with u

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