What stops white guys from dating black girls?

I am a black female who is attracted to all races of men. I find it very interesting, though, that white men are most reluctant to date black girls. In fact, men in general are becoming more and more hesitant to court us. Why is that? Lack of attraction? Fear? Social stigmas?

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  • A lot of white guys assume black girls want black guys and black guys only which isn't necessarily true. I'm black and I've always been more attracted to white guys, my friends are absolutely amazed on the rare occasion when I see a black guy and go, "Oh he's cute." But I've always been more attracted to white guys, couldn't tell you why. In pre-school I used to run around with some little blonde hair blue eyed boy and we'd tell people we were going to get married.

    Some white guys also assume that most black girls will act "ghetto" which isn't at all true. Then there's also the fear of random black guys getting mad for white guys dating "their women." The fear of meeting a black girls family can be in there too. With interracial relationships there's always the fear of people saying something but really your relationship is really none of their business.

    But it's not just the guys who'll wind up with rude comments it's the girls too. When I tell people I'm more attracted to white guys than black guys I've heard everything from, "What, you think you're too good to date a black guy," to being told that I'm a traitor to my race which is absolutely ridiculous. Some people ask me if it's just "ghetto" black guys that I don't like and are amazed when I tell them no. I know plenty of well educated black men and I just don't find them attractive, I'm just way more attracted to white guys than I am black guys, it's as simple as that


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      Though you can never say always, it is more common for black men to be attracted to white women than the converse. Look at the responses on average. I read somewhere that the worst race to be is a male asian. Usually the least desired by other races as well as within the race. It's horrible that people still argue a racial steriotype. There's ghetto blacks and white trash. All races have bad examples and good examples.

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      @Chris9471 It's not Black men's business whom you date. It's yours and that ladies. Ignore the living hell out of them and just be happy with your woman. Black men certainly don't own Black women and they need to mind their own business. They can't have me and I don't want them so there's nothing for them to do but go scratch and get glad.

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      @Georgiacarr totally agree