Girls why do you start to ignore a guy?

Girls what are reasons that you would ignore a guy that you used to talk to all the time? If I am in that situation how should I handle it?


Most Helpful Girl

  • in general a guy that likes you and is staring to often and continuiously may make me uncomfotable or just a guy that can't make up his mind about what weither he likes you or not or what he's going to do with you, or just someone who acts like a physcho stalker, though I kinda like don't mind that bit. :)

    maybe she just found she likes you and it uncomfortable. or your an idiot douch, yes, both, and annoy that hell out of her, or are just a boredom king, who leaves her with a bad taste in her mouth.

    honesty these things really vary.

    but I hope I helped.