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What does it mean if a guy says 'he has become attached to you.'

It is not something I have heard before & I have a general idea, but am not SURE what it means. What are you supposed to say, when a guy says... Show More

I mainly want to know what it basically means, but if you want to describe it to me more in depth, or perhaps what it means to YOU, that would be great.


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  • A man is saying he thinks a lot about you during the day when you are not there, fantasizes about you during the night and is curious about you as a person. Its not necessarily that he loves you but more that he feels the need to be around you. Its a way of saying he is willing to open up his mind and one day his heart to you if he continues to do the above. At least that's when a man's man (mature) tells you so.When a boy-man (immature) tells you that its saying he cares about you but is unsure about his feelings for you romantically.Up to you to know whether the man saying so is a boy-man or a man's man though to be sure.

    • Thanks for breaking it apart for me, that is very helpful. :-)When a boy-man (immature) tells you that its saying he cares about you but is unsure about his feelings for you romantically. "So if in addition, he is attracted to you & likes you as a person 7 thinks your really interesting &smart & likes being with you, then is that boy or man or is it just trying to get laid haha ( joke, sort of :-)

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  • it means he relys on you for his happiness

  • attached. Usually a term used in highschool but ok. It means from a guys perspective, that you're the only girl he thinks about. It's a term of endearment that shouldn't be taken in a negative fashion.

  • it just means that he want to be your really good friend and that he doesn't want to ever lose you at least as friend...if there are more indicators then it may be a stepp ahead of friendship...

  • He might be saying he has formed an emotional bond with you or perhasps a round about way of saying he loves you...

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