Do guys like girls who are hard to get?

Hey guys, I know this is such a common question but I always think about it and never seem to get a clear answer! Do guys like it if a girl is hard to get or do they prefer girls that just go for what they want and don't play games?


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  • Well I like girls who are straight to the point and don't play hard to get if they like someone. That's just my opinion.


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  • Hard to get is female BS lol but being too easy and clingy makes it seem as though the relationship is too shallow. I prefer only a bit of this "hard to get" but as long as you give signs that your into the dude then its alright and it lets him know that this could actually go somewhere if he persists. But in saying that, I have a life outside of relationships and I'm sure that I will get f**ked off if a chick wastes my time like that, (especially when there other things to worry bout like career etc)

  • Give us a sign that you're interested but don't come running into our arms. I want a little work but I don't really want to get frustrated over a girl who in fact likes me but doesn't show it bc shes being too hard to get. But if you know what you want, go for it. If you don't then yeah test the waters and see how he is before you make a move.

  • Being too easy makes you seem like a slut and no girl wants that but playing hard to get can lead to the guy going to someone else.

  • Don't make it a nuisance to get to you, but don't go all out spreading legs (to be frank) I like a girl that jokingly plays hard to get and gets you riled up giving hints n things, but its never a turn on to keep trying to get a girl you know is there n have her ignore the hell out of you... that's when you'll end up coming out looking stuck-up and cocky

    but I guess in a way that's a bit better than lookin like a slut...

    hope this helps a bit...

  • I like a girl to play a little hard to get. To me it makes them seem irrisistable. But you can play too hard to get.

  • I absolutely HATE when girls play hard to get! Girls are confusing enough to guys, but when you start purposefully sending off mixed signals and playing mind games, it just leaves me totally confused and absolutely annoyed. If I ever see a girl who is playing hard to get, I instantly stop trying, because most of the time its nearly impossible. Honesty and communication is the most important thing in a relationship, and when girls play hard to get, there just no hope. Also, if I see a girl playing hard to get, that's an automatic turnoff because that shows that they think dating is a game. Personally, if I get rejected in any way, I take that for what it means, so if you say no I will take it as a no, and back off. If you play hard to get you are just toying with guys minds, and no one likes a player.


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  • It depends on what you mean by hard to get. If you play hard to get some might keep trying to get with you if they like you enough to keep trying. OR if you are hard to get because of your past and having walls up around your heart to not get hurt again.. Playing is OK if you're a kid but it gets old if you show no sign of liking him.

    Having walls up if a guy sees you have walls up they don't want to even try. I been there oh so many times you like him too don't play you might lose your chance with him. Most don't like a girl that's hard to get. You find one that will because he's the one that cares so much for you.