What do you do when you're too ugly to date?

I have asked if my looks met guys' physical standards for dating, and every guy said no. Here are some of the answers I got, copied and pasted:

You could lose a little weight but you're a butter face at best.

Sorry my but no, I'm not a mean guy but I would like to see someone more nicer in my bed in the morning.

No, unfortunately even if you were the nicest person in the world, I would not be able to date you simply because I find you incredibly unattractive. It may seem shallow, but for any relationship to work, there has to be some attraction.

EWWWWW...There goes my dinner.

And those were the NICE ones!

So I can't get a guy on looks because I'm too ugly, and even though I have a really nice personality they won't date me because I'm ugly. what is there for me to do?

oh hey, I got another response:

god no
oh look, one more:

K I'm sorry but your *** ugly an don't get mad because you asked what I think so yeah
I'm just going to keep posting them as they trickle in:

2/10 Sorry, but I am just being honest. I don't find you attractive at all.

pretty ugly
you look like a tanker, aka a massive sh*t
whoa, thank you for all the nice answers. wasn't expecting that.i wasn't trying to be an attention seeker, but I was like, if THAT many guys say I'm too ugly to date, will I ever have hope? but you guys sort of proved my theory that YA is mostly trolls.


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  • I like your question cause it made me laugh. Well done.

    Now down to business...

    There are three things you need to realize...

    1) Young/immature men are superficial and therefore can't be relied upon for useful answers. They simply don't have the experience to realize what attraction is. So ignore any guy under 25 who's trying to make you feel bad. Most guys of this age only wants physical beauty, even if it leaves them lonely and unwanted.

    2) Unconsciously we men value (feel attraction) all aspects of a woman:

    A) How she makes us feel - using humor and intelligence... challenging us to think and laugh.

    B) How she makes us feel - using body language and physical touch - flirting and touching and making our bodies respond in kind.

    C) How she makes us feel - using her appearance - do we like how she looks, how she dresses, how others respond to her making us imagine how we'll feel when others see us together (ego driven feelings)

    D) How she makes us feel - emotional intimacy and rapport - do we feel comfortable around her, does she relate to us, do we feel seen and heard and appreciated?

    My point is this - attraction is an unconscious decision that our conscious mind tries to justify. And this all comes from how a woman makes us feel. Learn how to make a man FEEL something (happy, sad, then angry, then glad) and you'll turn any guy into your next stalker. It's called seduction and it takes push-pull techniques.

    3) Its not how you look, or what you say that peaks a man's interest... it's who you're BEING when you're around him.

    Learn about men and what makes our bodies respond and you'll discover that your physical features are only a small part of what you're communicating. Pay attention to how you dress, how you move, how you touch and HOW you talk. These are the aspect of yourself that will MOST attract men... not just your face.

    I'm serious.

    Hope this helps you see the light and see the possibilities!

    ~ Robby

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      Wow dude, really good advice. thanks.