What does it mean when a guy talks to you for hours?

does it mean he likes you?

Just to be clear guys, I talk to him over the phone for over 5 hrs, numerous times.


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  • funny... the men say maybe and the girls say yes lol. you could always find out how long he talks to his other friends. but it is true a guy can talk to a girl that is his friend for like an hour just talkin. but over 2 hours of just talkin and he might be starting to take an interest in you and might be trying tofind more out about you to see how he really feels about u. is he usually talks to you for over an hour he might just like talkin to you. if its every so often he talks to you for a long time I bet he likes you and is still making up his mind about how he feels if he hasn't already hinted to you.


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  • Do you mean in person or on the phone or by text?

    And I speak to quite a few girls for extended periods of time, but most of them are just friends, who I enjoy speaking to.

  • Yep, he most likely does. But depending on how you talk to him, he may feel he has been friendzoned by you and is just talking to you as a friend. Though if he knew you were interested I am sure he would definitely want to make a move.

    I have a friend I will sometimes talk to for a few hours at a time. We only talk on FB/AIM but last week we were up to 4:30am talking. I do think of her as just a friend and she thinks the same about me, but I still am attracted to her.

    So YES, he likes you! But you need to give him the correct signals to show that you want him to ask you out.

  • there's a chance that he's interested in u. use your sense and I believe you could feel it from how he talks and if he asked a lot of things about you then there's a big chance that he likes u.

  • It could. Depends on how he talks. He might just be bored or maybe he just likes talking to you. I talk to girls for hours but I don't like them.

    • You know you're leading them on then, right?

    • Well they're internet friends. So it's on AIM and the 3 of them are taken. Guess I should have been more specific. Also how is that leading a girl on?

  • i talk to my normal friends that are girls for long periods of time, doesn't mean I like them, tehy are just friends


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  • More than likely,...Yes, you can say that! Not all guys are able to hold conversation, let alone if they're not interested in you in any kind of way.

  • Yes, he likes you!

    • So because this site doesn't tell you about my comment. Can you answer my question?

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    • I couldn't do in person for hours. I can't do 5 minutes. :/

    • Neither can I. It's very challenging.

  • Depending on what you talk about. If you talk about everything, he's trying to get to know you and possibly sees you as a future relationship or a future best friend. If it's only about sexual things and such, there is absolutely no substance behind your conversation and he's not interested.