Does a girl giving you her number mean anything?

Does a girl giving you her number mean anything? As far as I know, she doesn't just give people her cell number, but she did me when I asked if it was ok if I had it? We are work friends only. Is she just being nice? Please help me out ladies.

She works in another building and we have known each other for awhile. Btw, it is the right number :) . We joke around to each other and we talk to each other at work cause we are both lead persons in our departments. She knows I like her though.


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  • Hmmm well if you guys are work friends, then she probably felt akward saying no. Meaning, maybe she was just trying to be nice.

    You guys work together, so you do have some kind of relationship, and she knows she will bump into you, everyday. So she probably felt, obliged to give it, to keep a normal work relationship, with no akwardness. You know what I'm saying?

    But, regardless of the real reason she gave it to you. I think the only way you can answer your own question is by calling her, and seeing what's up.

    If she likes you, she'll talk to you alot, on the phone, and maybe agree to hang out with you.

    If she blows you off alot, or hardly answers your calls, then it means she WAS just being nice.

    So, since you have it (her number), take advantage of the opportunity:) You are one of the lucky ones she gave it to.


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  • Hey, somethings in this life are still simple enough to understand! LOL!

    she definitely likes you, and is willing to get to know you better! And maybe wants to be more than just work friends!

    she made the move by giving you her number, now you use it and call her!

    who knows where this will lead!

    best of luck!

  • yes,

    it means she's interested

    and here's a little secret:

    when a girl gives her number to a guy she likes

    thats really just putting the ball in the guys' court

    because [he'll] be the one that has to call


    since you like her too

    go for it

  • it's probably a sign she likes you becuz if she doesn't hand it out often it has to be special and it's a way for her to say lets get in touch.

  • Well this could me two things

    1) She likes you

    2) She might like you and wants to get to know you more before she decides

    With my knowledge in this and don't base it on my age. If you ask her for her number she probably knows your interested and if she gives you hers and doesn't give it out a lot she probably is interested. But if she does give it out a lot then she probably isn't.

  • Well for me. It just means I know him well enough to give him my number so we can talk sometimes but I have given my number to some guys that I wasn't that interested in because I didn't want to hurt their feelings but if you know she never gives out her number normally then it could mean she's interested in getting to know you more. Give her a call.

  • She thinks that you are interested and wants to go further with you.


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  • In a word: no.

    Some do it because they liked you in the moment, but then afterwords they realize they don't really know you and think you just want them for sex. Some do it out of validation. And some do it to get rid of you.

    Every once in a while a woman will give you her number and fully expect you to call. Oddly enough, even the ones that do but don't want to do anything with you will get upset if you don't call. It's an ego thing.

  • No, because women have been known to give wrong numbers. Men are just as guilty, but women have done it for a long time.