Laying your head on his shoulder?

When a girl is watching a movie with a guy and she is sitting by him, lets say he made the first move and took her hand and held it. Then the girl rests her head on his shoulder with other people around, what is the guy feeling? Be descriptive


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  • It's probably safe for the girl to do that since he made the first move, but holding hands and laying your head on his shoulder is totally different. I don't know fully what to tell you, since it sounds like you yourself are doing this or a friend of yours (work with me here) maybe is, it depends on what stage of the relationship the two are in. It be OK if you guys or whoever it is in a deeper relationship (dating for a while) and are in college. Since you are in high school (I am too) its most likely not going to be a guy you are going to marry. All I'm saying is that you want to be careful all that you do with him physically. I know that emotions and feelings is important to you girls, and something of the caliber of like holding hands and laying your head on his shoulder would be nice, especially for you since you are probably more turned on by touch. If you do something like this a lot it's probably not that big of a deal. Don't do it too soon in the relationship (1-3 months { since they don't last as long in hs} ) or too often. All I'm saying is that you just don't want to send him the wrong message and get his motor fired up and running. Just be careful. It also depends on his personality. I'm more quiet and thoughtful (and don't get too physical with girls, just your basic hugs and such) so if a girl did that to me I might take it more seriously and think she wants to get into a deep relationship. But if he gets this a lot from different girls, it might be equal to a handshake for him (not much). This also applies too you. If you do it a lot to other boys it might not mean much to him if he sees you doing it. Just be careful and remember not to do it to often or too soon. Hope I helped!


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  • If that happened to me I would think, 'How sweet.this is a really nice and maybe old-fashioned girl and I had better think where we're going here.this is not a girl to just play with."

    And I would be thankful I had met her.Of course I'm beyond the age where very many women would ever act so trusting.unfortunately.


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  • probably like o yeah I got her head on my shoulder I feel luck id suppose!