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Could the man I'm having an affair with love and care about me or feeling guilty about cheating on his wife

I have been having an affair with a guy who calls me friend. I know his wife cause he has filled me in and it turns out that we attend the same... Show More

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  • forget what joey is saying he can't put two and two together. I understand everything you are saying and to be real wit you the fact is either your content with being the side girl or you want more. there is no need to drive yourseld crazy wondering why he does this or why he does that.the fact is that he is married and if he is doing all of this cheating and he still hasn't left his wife despite how he tells you how he feels about you then chances are that he wont. I say if you want to be with him GET OUT NOW, because your feelings will get hurt it seems like you already really care for him. but at the same time that is his wife and when it comes down to it she probably paid her dues to be with him and when he thinks about her he will think about that. so my best advice is to do you. don't just talk to him talk to other guys you may meet someone who makes you feel better than him. but like I said in the begging it's all about what your content with. Do what makes you happy and don't be nieve and let him call the shots on how things should go comfront him and ask him the questions you are asking right now that is the only way to get the best results anyway right from the person who is confusing you. and chances are he does feel guilty about cheating on his wife but right now he doesn't want to be real he just wants to be selfish and please himself and he probably care but he doesn't love you like he love his wife or he would be married to you no matter what cause love is a strong word and when your inlove you don't care what the circumstances you be with the one you love

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  • Their is no puncuation in this paragragh so I have no clue what your asking. no offense, but if you want your readers to understand your input then consider using periods,commas,question marks, and so forth.The man your having an affair with is no different from any one else. Hes want everything, but doesn't want to lose anything.I beleive this man loves you cause from your point of view he cares about you alot, but the fact that he's married could cause him to lose every thing which is why he holds back so much.Its his fear that drives him away from you. That man doesn't give a damn about his wife. If he did he'd be f***ing her and not you.

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  • i think that once a man or women married they need to be commited to each other, like asking back to yourself would you want your husband to have an affair with some gal? and you don't want to be forever to just be a affair girl to him? what I think is to go on with your life, find other guys which is single married and live happily:) Good luck!