Crop tops? Slutty or hot?

i just bought one from ae: link is this considered slutty or hot? I'm obviously not gonna wear this at school but like for going out or something.


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  • Girl to girl, it really depends how you wear it. Crop tops are totally cute and in style this summer, but if you show too much skin other than your belly with it to school or elsewhere, it could look tasteless. There's nothing wrong with wearing it with a cute mini or short shorts on the beach or something but time and place really affect how people see you. :) It's a super cute shirt by the way. It'd be cute over a black mini dress for a club or something. :)

    • thanks for your answer, I agree :)

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  • Generally? Slutty.

  • It depends on the style and the girl wearing it, but by and large, I think they're more on the slutty side. I'd probably recommend wearing a shirt that was just a bit shorter so you show some skin without showing half your torso. Leave that for bikinis (but even those are style and girl dependent) :)

  • Yeah, pretty slutty. But slutty and hot aren't mutually exclusive, it's both.

  • more like trailer trashy... just sayin.

  • hot for someone single lol but other than that forget it

  • As long as you have the stomach for them, they're fine. They can definitely be hot on the right girl.

  • Neither. They just look like crap. For the sake of answering I'll say slutty.

    • yeah same :/

    • LOL

    • I'm lost.

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  • Yeah they're considered slutty. Not by anyone worth asking though, so you should be okay.

    • haha. Oh my gosh. That just made my life complete. Thank. You.

    • =]

    • That is a LOT of impressive synonyms, Jack.

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  • slutty

  • Hot hot hot! Definitely not slutty I love them

  • It's not slutty, but I'm assuming here that the material is thick enough that you aren't showing anything off in natural light (or UV light in a club) that you might regret.

    • Apologies, I may not be making myself clear. Some white or light materials can become semi-transparent under UV or strong lighting if they are very thin.

    • why would I regret showing my stomach?

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  • HOT!. And you can wear them with a tank top, if you want to wear it to school.

  • slutty

  • It looks trashy when chicks wear them with tights (I despise that) but really cute with highwaisted shorts/skirts/pants. - link

    • wtf, I would never wear that with tights.yeah I was thinking of wearing it with a high waisted skirt :)

  • I think its hott, I bought a black one from Guess awhile back and love it, mainly just wear it to clubs, or when its really hott out. not really a school attire thing.

  • It's not slutty.But I don't think the one in the link would ever be considered as hot either.It's more cutesy than anything.