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Should I be worried that he doesn't give me butterflies?

One of the key things I always see people using to figure out whether or not you're really in love with someone is whether or not there's a presence... Show More

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  • No, you should not be worried. Here's a tip: STOP LISTENING TO OTHER PEOPLE. What the f*** are butterflies? Who cares? All that matters is you think he's perfect for you and he has everything you've ever wanted. You are literally a dumbass if you dump him because you don't get a feeling in your tummy. Not everyone gets the same feelings. I think butterflies are for people who have little bitch stomachs. You are thinking too much. Don't f*** up a good thing for absolutely no good reason.

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  • I think you're over-analyzing the relationship, which girls like to do. The reason you don't get butterflies is only because you're comfortable around him.

  • No, don't be worried. I don't always get butterflies with my boyfriend, but that's okay. We have more of a companion love than a passionate love, even though it's a bit of both. If he makes you happy and you make him happy, what more do you need?Also, maybe you really do get butterflies. You're just not recognizing them as that because you're looking for something else.