How To Say Good Morning To Your Crush?

So there's this chick I like a lot, I know she's only gonna get like 5 hours of sleep, so I told her id send her a wake up text if I'm still awake, I will be, so what should I send her, I don't want it to be too cheesy, she's 19 and I'm 24

Yea, I should have just said "wake the hell up" like I wanted to, good morning beautiful netted me no response, and she pretty much asked another guy to hang out with her, so I think its time to move on


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  • Good morning beautiful ;) I love that song :)


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  • good morning sunshine!

  • I agree with knowmeyourself. Good morning beautiful is a really good way also hey there sleeping beauty,don't make things a routine.Be creative and find other ways and not say the same one over and over.

  • Goodmorning beautiful or Morning sunshine!(: Goodmorning texts are the best lol.

  • How about "Good Morning (insert her name here). Seriously? You cannot think of this on your own or what?

    • Wow that sounds original, why didn't I think of that?

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    • Stop being so hatefull and bitter with every post of yours -_-

    • LMFAO, true that bro

  • good morning beautiful is always a winner :)

  • What up beautiful?


    Kiss me.

  • "Hey the sun is up! What a wonderful morning." :P


What Guys Said 2

  • Rise and shine Valentine usually does the trick

  • Dude if she is just a crush then don't say anything like Good morning beautiful and sh*t like that.All that is said when you are officially dating.

    Just simply say Good Morning with a smiley face trust me it works wonders.

    • I told you man.Don't shower your attention on a damn crush.Save it for someone you will really love.