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Boys: sexiest instrument for a GIRL to play?

which instrument do you love to see girls playing?

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  • Theres nothing inherently "sexy" about playing the instrument itself. It's the talent she has for it, and that carries over regardless of instrument, that is in and of itself sexy.

    But, a ripping guitar solo is always hot.

  • Violin. Too much sex and violins on TV? Not enough perhaps.

  • I want to say singing, the voice is my number one, then the violin, then saxophone, why? . . . I dunno? I think it's a combination of things for me. The timbre of the sounds of the instruments, the setting it's being played in and the performer all add to the element.

  • Okay, so sexy is not the right word, but I will respond to what I think you are trying to get at and what my preferences are.

    I like women who are talented and sporty. I like women who are outdoorsy and are not afraid to work or get dirty. The instruments that I would prefer would be the piano and the guitar although I admire talent with any instrument. The guitar is among the more versatile use anywhere anytime kind of instruments and the piano is sort of fundamental and piano skill is appreciated and needed in many contexts.

    So an instrument, or sport, or horseback riding, or car, or whatever don't make a person sexier, but they might make a person more interesting.

  • You ask the weirdest questions. Who thinks horse back riding and turn-on or turn-off, or which musical instrument and sexy? You seem to have weird things paired up in your mind. I like musical instruments, and sometimes the girls who play them are sexy, but which instrument she plays does not make a difference in how "sexy" she is.

    • I know it's not a huge factor. but I love it when a guy can play drums, it's just one more thing to like about them; I'm impressed by it.

    • I think both are great questions! Musicians are definitely more sexy then they would be without that talent. I'm pretty sure I must marry a guitar player. It makes me melt.

  • I love girls who play guitar

  • Guitar

  • I chose piano because it seemed like the best on the list. But I think a girl singing is much more sexy than playing an instrument.

  • i would have to say a girls vioce is her number one instrument. As far as Websters defintion of instruments go I would say a violin. Its graceful and it sounds great. unless your playing devil went down to georgia. although that is a great song. just not sexy

  • flute / sax- they most closely resemble a bj lol :D

  • 1.piano 2 cello violin 3 clarinet, guitar is bad for girls cause that would both deform their hands and its a boy instrument.i would become madddllly in-love with a girl who can play beethoven appassionata or cello suit no.1 :))

  • drums or guitar, mayb then we can be in a band together;)

  • 1. French Horn. Why? I play it. lol, and nothing is better than playing with me!

    2. Flute. It's such a girly instrument.

    3. Clarinet. Also very girly instrument.

  • I said sax,but flute is almost as good

  • A girl that could sing plus the piano or guitar is just amazing! the bass is more of a guy instrument

  • Piano..

  • this is a joke but I have to say it lol

    meat whistle?

What Girls Said 10

  • Guys who can play the piano really really well, that is hot. I love guys who can play piano...I guess because I can play piano, but whatever...it would be awesome if we can play a duet together, but it's not a requirement

  • I love it when a guy plays piano because I do and I know how hard it is...It shows perseverance, discipline and I find it very romantic...ya, I get all that from a guy playing piano. lol

    But guitars are definitely sexy...

    And drums have that rugged hotness...


  • you know what? I don't care what the guys say! I love the drums!

  • I think it's amazing when a guy can play guitar or piano.

    I play flute && guitar myself :]

  • For girls It would be drums and guitar.

    For guys piano, drums and guitar too.

  • I play guitar AND drums...and I think it's sexy when guys play piano :)

  • 1. Piano - I play it too so we could totally do a duet together lol

    2. Guitar + singing - Any guy that can pull that off is absolutely amazing!

    3. Sax or any king of "jazzy" instrument - We could jam together lol

  • i love a guy who can play guitar and sing and piano is always good and I like guys who play brass instruments also.

    maybe those are my preferences because I play trumpet piano and guitar :)

  • i picked guitar, that's the hottest thing a guy can play

  • I think piano is the sexiest instrument for girls to play

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