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My boyfriend is a photographer and I get jealous. How can I deal with it?

before I have started to date with a photographer (who happens to be my boyfriend now) first thing that I considered was if I can handle the thought... Show More

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  • Honestly, he's probably sick of models. They might be pretty, but they're usually difficult to work with and high maintenance, and are draining to be around. I used to do TV production and was around a lot of models and younger actresses, and the amount of drama and hassles was unbelievable sometimes.

    I'm sure he really appreciates having a normal, stable girl that doesn't drive him crazy. I doubt you have anything at all to be jealous about, but I also worry that your jealousy itself will make him feel like you're just like they are: crazy and insecure and full of drama (did I mention how many model types are massively insecure?) So don't be that way. Be confident and caring, and realize this is just a job for him. He likes you because you are DIFFERENT from the same, shallow, boring girls he deals with day in and day out, often seeing their bad sides that most don't see. If he wanted to date a model, he had plenty available. He picked you for a REASON.

    • am also facing same situation we are know each other for 5years .when we met he is a normal photographer then he chaaanged to fashion photographer always take photos of models when I see his models photos I nfeel discomfert and am always irritating and fight with him for this reasons.mostly we are long distant lovers.talking through phone only.he spend less time with me.and he saying that this is his job.i must adjust with him but the problem I feel fear he will go from me

    • Oh thank you for the response MrOracle. It really helped a lot. :)

    • alayaash, as I told dw, remember that he has to deal with these people all the time, and often at their worst, when they're being difficult, when they're intoxicated, uncomfortable, etc. In that situation, many people are going to want anything BUT the people they deal with all day, because they don't want the same hassles at home.

      After 5 years, you really shouldn't worry.

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