I think my crush likes me? why is he avoiding me?

My friend asked him straight up when I wasn't there. She asked, "do you like Ria?" And she said that he blushed so hard and he coldn't look at hee straight in the eye, though he denied and said that he didn't have a crush on me. He also said that he likes this other girl, a friend of his. Then after that, he made up some excuse and went away.

When I learned about this, I texted him and he told me we'd chat on Facebook. Later that night, he said that the thought of my friend pairing us together disturbed him and I joked, what if I had a crush on you? He just replied, "thanks?" And "haha" but of course, I said it as a joke. After that he's been avoiding me--either that or he is very busy with school. Idk.

But he is avoiding me, I think. I've texted him but he doesn't reply much.

Why is he avoiding me? It has been 2 weeks already.

We're okay now. A few days after that incident, he casually saw each other and he approached me like the usual. When he went away, my friend quickly giggled and told me that when they saw each other, my crush's first words were: " heyyy see? I'm not looking for ria today so whatever it is that you're thinking, stop it :))"

But then it is so weird cause he acts like he's into me badly. He stares at me a lot, and is always beside me.

I also found out that the girl he likes looks like me!
update, we're closer now... but everything's reaaaalllly slow. we've begun to eat lunch together ...just the 2 of us :)


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  • This kind of question and his reaction can mean three things:

    1) he likes you and felt too embarrassed to admit it.

    2) he likes the other girl and felt too embarrassed to admit it in front of your friend

    3) he likes both of you and does not know which way to swing, so he is taking the easy way out by avoiding you.

    And why did you ask him if he has a crush in a joking kind of way if it's a serious thing for you? Maybe that wasn't the best approach either.

    I think what you two need is either clear communication or getting out of each others way for a while. If you are running after him and acting weird, he will for sure be creeped out and run. So either ask him straight up (yourself, not your friend!) face to face, why he is avoiding you. But be prepared for a tough answer.

    Or stop texting, talking, hanging out - and see if he's coming back. Maybe he just needs to feel you are not completely stuck on him. Cause that kind of attention can feel oppressive. Good luck!

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  • It seems that he can't have the confidence to be with you since he's kind of shy.

    Try to spend more time with him, Ria.

  • He targets a specific profile. That could be good or bad.

  • Probably trying to avoid overexposure.

  • I think he might be shy or your just not his type

  • may be he is indirectly tryin to learn what is your opinion actually on him.. he might want you to take the first step forward since he is shy..

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