Why do guys REALLY hate getting ignored

Why would they care it they chick ignores him, especially out of the blue? How would you feel if the girl you liked started to ignore you and never talk to you? What would you do


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  • Some people take being ignored even worse then being cursed out. The thing is ignoring someone has no actual closure so a guy could be waiting for an answer and not accept it even weeks later. Plus if they felt close to you, then suddenly you're not there, it's almost like breaking up in a way for the other person. Granted you're not actually going out but think of it as a "high" so to say. You're having fun with someone then they just disappear. Would you not be sad?

    Granted some people get their hopes up way too easily, people like me take things one step at a time.

    • Yeah I been ignoring this guy for a year and he still tries to get my attention or get me mad

      He wants a reaction. I ignore. He should get over I don't care to speak to him

      How do I make it clear

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  • Well no one really likes to be ignored. I think it's especially brutal out of the blue because the natural instinct would be to wonder why they stopped contacting you whether it's something you did or said or maybe they've broken their phone or got hit by a car or something. It leaves the mind searching for answers and drives people crazy.

  • Only a couple of guys hate getting ignored. But a majority of us could careless. The ones that don't like getting ignored are the ones with attention problems.

    Silent treatment does not work on guys, ever. WE are used to it since the beginning of time.

  • same thing is when a chick is suddenly being ignored by a guy

    chicks are usually much worse reacting to being ignored

    also when meeting - on two recent occasions that a girl asked for my number (this happens when you have a great conversation and then say "well it was very nice talking to you") they'd see no shame in dialing or texting the number I gave them on the spot, to make sure my phone rings (which it would - if I don't want to give someone my number, I politely say so). I would consider it extremely rude to check right away if the girl's phone rings with the number she just gave me. If it doesn't, it'd be her loss anyway, so why put ourselves in a potentially uncomfortable situation?

  • Everyone wants to know what they did wrong if anything. Plus I've always been kind of the awkward shy person in the conversation group so sometimes people ignore me when I try to talk and add to the convo. When that happens, I begin to wonder why I'm even apart of the group. Now I don't expect everyone to respond to me but it seems to happen a lot to the shy people and it makes you feel terrible.

  • because we think we did something wrong and we barely know what happened.

  • kinda bugs me but I just keep being myself. try to talk to her a few times after, as a man I feel its kinda my job to try to crack through womens shells, and if the pattern kept up id back off completely. move on to somebody else, simple as that

  • You keep asking why, well, why the hell wouldn't someone be upset if they liked and cared about started ignoring them?

  • Onto the next one

    • You never answered it

    • I answered what I would do. As for why we hate it, its a waste of our time. Life's too short for that BS. And plenty of other girls who aren't gonna play around like that

  • they just do

  • wow, this is a question I was going to post about some girl I know that works in the same plaza as me. I used to go get Spanish coffee every morning at her restaurant, she was really nice to me, we used to talk a lot, then we exchanged numbers would text, but then some days she was just cold. I went through a time of 2 weeks when she would act like she never knew me at all when I went there. I figured she must be on her period on something. Then she would be friendly again, now the last few days she's cold again.

    • maybe she has multiple personalities...or just playing hard to get

    • I agree with mnimal

  • Because it shows that the person ignoring you has no guts to speak their mind - they would rather weasel out without giving an explanation, than to communicate their true feelings. They also are showing a complete lack of respect: It's about the lowest thing a person can do... goes all the way back to ancient Japanese culture - even when facing an opponent, you would still bow to them to show acknowledgement. Apparently these days, even something as simple as that is asking too much...

  • Because nobody should be ignored. It shows that you can't speak your mind and it's downright immature. Especially if someone tries to contact you multiple times.

    • But why would they care

    • It's just natural because being ignored makes you feel unimportant to that person who you're trying to talk to. Wouldn't you care if the guy that you like started ignoring you?

  • because its rude, cruel, immature, and just shows you are not girlfriend material.

    Just ask yourself, how would YOU feel if a guy ignored you out of the blue all of a sudden. Would you be happy about that?

    • Here here!

    • Depends if I liked him

    • well duh. isn't that what we are talking about here?

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  • No one likes to be ignored, it's rude. It can actually be hurtful if you have feelings for the person.

  • No one likes to be ignored it is rude,immature especially if you have feelings for someone.

  • because you want what you can't have.

  • I thought everyone hated being ignored?

    • me too. lol

    • I always thought men handled it better than women too, generally speaking.

  • some guys hate it