Why do guys REALLY hate getting ignored

Why would they care it they chick ignores him, especially out of the blue? How would you feel if the girl you liked started to ignore you and never talk to you? What would you do


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  • Some people take being ignored even worse then being cursed out. The thing is ignoring someone has no actual closure so a guy could be waiting for an answer and not accept it even weeks later. Plus if they felt close to you, then suddenly you're not there, it's almost like breaking up in a way for the other person. Granted you're not actually going out but think of it as a "high" so to say. You're having fun with someone then they just disappear. Would you not be sad?

    Granted some people get their hopes up way too easily, people like me take things one step at a time.

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      Yeah I been ignoring this guy for a year and he still tries to get my attention or get me mad

      He wants a reaction. I ignore. He should get over I don't care to speak to him

      How do I make it clear