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I tried to make him jealous by mistake and now he won't talk to me?

Well he is really intimating, like he dresses very well and he is very cute and its very bold in the way he flirts. I just met him two days ago,... Show More

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  • Wow...to be frank, you f***'d up REAL bad with that one.

    If that were me, I'd pay you no more attention.


    B/c you hugg'n a guy the way you did, would either signify that you're involved with him, or that your interest lies with him & not me, since you ignored me to tightly hug the other guy.

    My advice to you is to tell him (yes, you must initiate, because he is NOT gonna initiate with you ever again) that you hugg'd the other dude that way out of nervousness & subconsciously tried to make him jealous. If you're interested in him, that's pretty much your only choice.

    Hopefully you learned this valuable lesson: making guys jealous only makes you dead in their eyes. It's a HUGE sign of "immaturity".

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  • This 'make him jealous' idea is the worst imaginable way to get someone interested in you It will almost always backfire. He took it as a polite way of your rejecting him, He won't go near you again unless you up and tell him why you did that.

    He's just following what he thinks were your signals!

  • if I were in the same situation I probably would of thought you and the guy you hugged had something going on, plus the fact that you did that was like an indirect way of saying you're taken or not interested. If it happened to me I'd feel pretty down and disappointed about it.

    You will probably have to chase him around now and try talking to him

  • I agree with the other guys, that was unfortunately a pretty poor idea...

    Unless you tell him straight why you did that I think the guy won't come back for a second slap in the face...

    • So would she have to tell him exactly what she did? So if she was to just be really nice to him and try to chat/hang out with him, would a guy still ignore her? Or would he change his mind and start liking her again? Just curious.

    • k this is what she should do, ask a friend to tell him why that happened(but in way where its like she doesn't her friends telling him), wait a couple days and if he doesn't approach you then go up to him and tell him your sorry you acted so rude

    • Yes, she has to be honest and say she made the mistake out of nervousness and that she felt terrible about it because it was illogical and hurtful to him.

      If she were to come to me and say that (or have someone else come to me to start the process as skb says) I would be impressed by her honesty and sense of remorse. People do mistakes and owning to them is a big quality. After that I'd definitely appreciate and respect her and propose to go get a cup of coffee together to start things right.

  • thats terrible... sure it was an honest mistake but now you know that guys hate it when girls make them feel jealous or purposefully flirt with other guys

  • And this is exactly why so many guys are afraid to approach women. If I were in that guys shoes I would think it's pretty much a lost cause and move on. I think the only way you could get him to start liking you again in that way is to tell him exactly why you did what you did. Even then, some guys might still be put off. Just like women don't like guys without confidence men don't particularly like low confidence women.

  • damn might as well slap the guy in the face and call him sally. naw but really that's not only mean, but also insulting imo, I would say no he probably won't approach you again.maybe if you approach him, my advice don't do the jea;ous thing its an awful idea

  • Ouchh from a guys perspective that's pretty harsh, especially if he liked u

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