I tried to make him jealous by mistake and now he won't talk to me?

Well he is really intimating, like he dresses very well and he is very cute and its very bold in the way he flirts. I just met him two days ago, today when I came to wait for the other class to finish I saw him and he approached me again, he was sort of flirting with me again but I got scared and... Show More

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  • Wow...to be frank, you f***'d up REAL bad with that one.

    If that were me, I'd pay you no more attention.


    B/c you hugg'n a guy the way you did, would either signify that you're involved with him, or that your interest lies with him & not me, since you ignored me to tightly hug the other guy.

    My advice to you is to tell him (yes, you must initiate, because he is NOT gonna initiate with you ever again) that you hugg'd the other dude that way out of nervousness & subconsciously tried to make him jealous. If you're interested in him, that's pretty much your only choice.

    Hopefully you learned this valuable lesson: making guys jealous only makes you dead in their eyes. It's a HUGE sign of "immaturity".