Guys, is there hidden meaning behind "sweet dreams"?

Do you only say it when you like the girl, or is it just something you say?

So what I'm seeing is that it is usually said to someone you have feelings for. That's odd... the guy who said it to me USED to like me and now he's dating someone else.


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  • If she and I are just friends, I'll say "good night" or "sleep well". If I like her, I'll say "sweet dreams". That's just me, though.

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  • Only person I ever say it to is my 10 year old neice. Saying it to an adult would feel kind of weird to me.

  • I'd say it to a girl I was interested in and be genuine in how I say it. If I'm not interested in the girl, I'll just say "good night."

  • saying sweet dreams is way too vague to have a hidden meaning. the guy should think of something better to say if he likes the girl.

  • I only tell say it to girls that I like or liked in the past out of habit

  • you can say it to a loved one...

    of course, the saying can be used as a taunt in a video game haha.

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  • I think for the majority of men there is a small romantic inclination behind it :)