Arab Muslim guys!!! Are us non Muslim girls are just for practice?

I'm really attracted to Arab guys because, not to generalize, but they tend to be exceedingly more respectful than a lot of other guys. Not just that but they are very hot and I'm so intrigued by the culture. I've seen a lot of hot Arab guys with American girlfriends or girlfriends who aren't Arab Muslims, but I keep hearing not to take them seriously or get attached because they will not marry a non Muslim girl or take her very seriously. In most cases, they won't let her anywhere near their friends and family! That's very insulting! I heard one story about a woman who fell in love with an Arab man, she traveled with he and his family, they loved her, until he proposed. That's so f***ed up! It just really sucks because I would consider having a serious relationship with an Arab guy and it's pretty disheartening to think that most of them wouldn't reciprocate that. I mean I know there are bad apples in every group, but I don't know there's just something about a lot of Arab guys that I've met. I really love how a lot of them were raised to treat women like queens. I think it's very admirable how family oriented they often are because that's something that's a huge missing part of my life so I'm drawn to that.

Anyway, I'm just wanting some feedback about this. Arab guys, is this true? Be honest. What do you think? How do you genuinely feel? Arab girls, your advice or thoughts are very welcomed as well. Any girl who's ever dated an Arab, what was your experience like?

Any female would feel like sh*t if she prusued a relationship with a guy who shows the behavior knowmeyourself mentions, fell for him, gave into her sexual desires and chose to sexually please him, only for him to feel that she's disposable! Especially if she got really attached. That would be heartbreaking!


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  • Okay, first of all thanks for presenting your honest views about Arab men, and for opening this discussion about what's good and bad about Arab men.

    To get to the point, Arab men are culturally programmed to act in a certain way:

    step 1- meet an attractive women

    step 2- meet the woman's family

    step 3- get engaged to that woman for a short period

    step 4- get married

    step 5- have children and make a little family.

    So basically Arab men have one goal: to get married.

    The problem with marrying women from different culture is simply:

    - the language (sometimes family members don't speak English)

    - religion: some men want their wives to be Muslim

    - geography: sometimes men work in foreign country, but want to go back home.

    So, you see, it's complicated.

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    Here's a real-life case, a happy American woman married to Arab man:

    The Arab/American Marriage


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    And BTW, I've met many beautiful and intelligent American woman who are marriage material, and if I find one of them is good for me, I will marry her and will treat her like a princess. And will let her tell you about her experience with a typical Arab man.


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  • I'm Egyptian who lives in Egypt :)

    Ok. I'll try to make myself clear for you to understand. I love our culture, traditions and religion but it is true that Arab girls treat different girls...differently.

    Arab men have this double standardism in everything and they certainly admit it by the way. That's how they were raised to become. They might be very charming, successful, intelligent, fashionable, etc..but have this stupid concepts when it comes to women. Maybe it's because of the conservative culture we live in (Egypt is very moderate but still not open as US, Europe, etc..). The following doesn't imply on all Arab guys but certainly the majority:

    Arab guys treat conservative, cute, religious, etc.. girls in a good manner. They don't play with them because they see them as marriage material. So, if they want to play they stay away from them. On the other hand, if a girl is playful hot flirty etc.. they have no problem fooling around with her.

    Arab guys (and believe me because I'm an Arab) tend to think that non-Arab girls (& sometimes non-their country's girls) are "easy" material who keep their vaginas ready for them! Is it true? Ofcourse not. But you're asking for what they think. I know many friends who live now in America, Canada, England, etc..who talks sh*t about girls. I don't like that & I attak them when they do. There's this guy (who's considered a decent guy here) told me once (he wanted to marry me but I knew he was fooling around while he was in America) that it was nothing. He was just fooling around & that they're nothing. Just for pleasure but once he thinks about marriage he'll never consider them.

    Honey, I hope I made myself clear. Arab men can seem so charming because they're warm, considerate, emotional, ...but that isn't the reality. It's just a way to get onto your lips or bed. A true Arab man when married controls his wife, let her raise the kids by herself, clean the house, ...while he doeswhat he wants with the excuse that he brings money home! Arab men suffer high levels of double standardism so I don't think charming is the word.

    I hope I helped :)

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      Arab guys treat different girls.. differently*

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      I like arab women how can I attract one :)

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      I'm Egyptian man born and bred in Egypt, and study in Canada. yet the answer of the anonymous girl is funny yet holds some truth.
      well, right now I just to fool around have sex with non egyptian girls and with egyptian girls. Nationality or religion has no difference in bed to me. marriage is not in my radar , and i'm pretty honest from day 1 that I won't marry the girl i'm dating and i'm down for good time.

      If the time comes to marry a girl, nationality is not a big deal either. because as far as DOUBLE STANDARDS are concerned A LOT of egyptian and areb girls , sleep around or fool around before marriage and then pretend that she is a pure angel to land a man to marry her, and A LOT of arab and Egyptian married women CHEAT on their husbands , I say A LOT, because they don't have to worry about virginity no more.

      So if you ask me would i marry Canadian girl who is honest or player Egyptian girl who act pure and honest?
      I would go with the Canadian girl without a slightest hesitation.