Arab Muslim guys!!! Are us non Muslim girls are just for practice?

I'm really attracted to Arab guys because, not to generalize, but they tend to be exceedingly more respectful than a lot of other guys. Not just that but they are very hot and I'm so intrigued by the culture. I've seen a lot of hot Arab guys with American girlfriends or girlfriends who aren't Arab Muslims, but I keep hearing not to take them seriously or get attached because they will not marry a non Muslim girl or take her very seriously. In most cases, they won't let her anywhere near their friends and family! That's very insulting! I heard one story about a woman who fell in love with an Arab man, she traveled with he and his family, they loved her, until he proposed. That's so f***ed up! It just really sucks because I would consider having a serious relationship with an Arab guy and it's pretty disheartening to think that most of them wouldn't reciprocate that. I mean I know there are bad apples in every group, but I don't know there's just something about a lot of Arab guys that I've met. I really love how a lot of them were raised to treat women like queens. I think it's very admirable how family oriented they often are because that's something that's a huge missing part of my life so I'm drawn to that.

Anyway, I'm just wanting some feedback about this. Arab guys, is this true? Be honest. What do you think? How do you genuinely feel? Arab girls, your advice or thoughts are very welcomed as well. Any girl who's ever dated an Arab, what was your experience like?

Any female would feel like sh*t if she prusued a relationship with a guy who shows the behavior knowmeyourself mentions, fell for him, gave into her sexual desires and chose to sexually please him, only for him to feel that she's disposable! Especially if she got really attached. That would be heartbreaking!


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  • Okay, first of all thanks for presenting your honest views about Arab men, and for opening this discussion about what's good and bad about Arab men.

    To get to the point, Arab men are culturally programmed to act in a certain way:

    step 1- meet an attractive women

    step 2- meet the woman's family

    step 3- get engaged to that woman for a short period

    step 4- get married

    step 5- have children and make a little family.

    So basically Arab men have one goal: to get married.

    The problem with marrying women from different culture is simply:

    - the language (sometimes family members don't speak English)

    - religion: some men want their wives to be Muslim

    - geography: sometimes men work in foreign country, but want to go back home.

    So, you see, it's complicated.

    -------------- ------------------ ----------------

    Here's a real-life case, a happy American woman married to Arab man:

    The Arab/American Marriage


    ------------------ -------------------- ------------------

    And BTW, I've met many beautiful and intelligent American woman who are marriage material, and if I find one of them is good for me, I will marry her and will treat her like a princess. And will let her tell you about her experience with a typical Arab man.


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  • I'm Egyptian who lives in Egypt :)

    Ok. I'll try to make myself clear for you to understand. I love our culture, traditions and religion but it is true that Arab girls treat different girls...differently.

    Arab men have this double standardism in everything and they certainly admit it by the way. That's how they were raised to become. They might be very charming, successful, intelligent, fashionable, etc..but have this stupid concepts when it comes to women. Maybe it's because of the conservative culture we live in (Egypt is very moderate but still not open as US, Europe, etc..). The following doesn't imply on all Arab guys but certainly the majority:

    Arab guys treat conservative, cute, religious, etc.. girls in a good manner. They don't play with them because they see them as marriage material. So, if they want to play they stay away from them. On the other hand, if a girl is playful hot flirty etc.. they have no problem fooling around with her.

    Arab guys (and believe me because I'm an Arab) tend to think that non-Arab girls (& sometimes non-their country's girls) are "easy" material who keep their vaginas ready for them! Is it true? Ofcourse not. But you're asking for what they think. I know many friends who live now in America, Canada, England, etc..who talks sh*t about girls. I don't like that & I attak them when they do. There's this guy (who's considered a decent guy here) told me once (he wanted to marry me but I knew he was fooling around while he was in America) that it was nothing. He was just fooling around & that they're nothing. Just for pleasure but once he thinks about marriage he'll never consider them.

    Honey, I hope I made myself clear. Arab men can seem so charming because they're warm, considerate, emotional, ...but that isn't the reality. It's just a way to get onto your lips or bed. A true Arab man when married controls his wife, let her raise the kids by herself, clean the house, ...while he doeswhat he wants with the excuse that he brings money home! Arab men suffer high levels of double standardism so I don't think charming is the word.

    I hope I helped :)

    • Arab guys treat different girls.. differently*

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    • I like arab women how can I attract one :)

    • I'm Egyptian man born and bred in Egypt, and study in Canada. yet the answer of the anonymous girl is funny yet holds some truth.
      well, right now I just to fool around have sex with non egyptian girls and with egyptian girls. Nationality or religion has no difference in bed to me. marriage is not in my radar , and i'm pretty honest from day 1 that I won't marry the girl i'm dating and i'm down for good time.

      If the time comes to marry a girl, nationality is not a big deal either. because as far as DOUBLE STANDARDS are concerned A LOT of egyptian and areb girls , sleep around or fool around before marriage and then pretend that she is a pure angel to land a man to marry her, and A LOT of arab and Egyptian married women CHEAT on their husbands , I say A LOT, because they don't have to worry about virginity no more.

      So if you ask me would i marry Canadian girl who is honest or player Egyptian girl who act pure and honest?
      I would go with the Canadian girl without a slightest hesitation.

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  • Honestly its about the guy. Some middle eastern guys will marry girls from other faiths and countries. because you can't help who you fall in love with.

    However thats not all of them. There are a lot of middle eastern guys who come to other countries and sleep around before going back home and marrying a girl from there.

    Im sure I will get a lot of guys who are also from the middle east who will say its not true

    Im Palestinian, I was born here, and I have seen it more times than I can count.

    It does simply depend on the guy and how he thinks and what he wants. Some people will go with traditional marriages and marry someone from where they are from, while others will marry just a muslim girl.

    There are some couples I've met where the girl has converted to Islam and it has appeased the guys parents.

    But in short, to answer your question: to some guys western girls are practice.

    Personally I think that people who do this are deplorable. I do not abide by it, nor condone it. Its one of the reasons that I stopped hanging out with that many arabs. A lot of the guys who come from over seas are worse than guys who were born here, but again you still are going to have to take into consideration that it depends on the guy, and his family.

    There are some guys I know who married non arab girls and his family treats the girl badly. Some families will be fine with it, even if the girl does not convert.

    If you plan date a guy make sure you get a good handle on the guy.

    I can tell you stories that will turn your hair white. Plus the movie not without my daughter made my dating life hell.

  • NO excuse me but you are so wrong because the Arabic guy can marry girl who is not in the same religion and that is OK in Islam and that happens all the time lots of arab guys I know in person marry non arabic girls

    and I am sorry but this is the fact

    • ohhh OK that's a relief

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    • dont worry pharaoh, I explained everything in my answer :)

    • 35d

      Yes, but the condition is that she be of "the People of the Book" and be a virgin, and as virgins are extremely difficult to find in Western girls, she at the very least must not take boyfriends. So the fact is, Yes, you can marry a non-Muslim woman provided she is a Christian or Jewish virgin (and if not virgin as in Western girls or a divorced or widowed women, she must not take boyfriends). That is the fact.

  • Ok, so my father migrated from Libya to germany 35 years ago. Here he found his big love, and it wasn't an arab woman who is also Muslim, it was a half German half polish catholic christian white woman. And they raised me and my Brother. Ok later on they divorced after 10 years but thats another story. They loved eachother enough to raise 2 childs together without religion in the way. Thats also what they always teached me and my Brother: Humanity and love first and after that the Religion. Also you're right about the Queens thing. I respect women a lot and always keep her interests over mine.. I dont know if its a good thing actually lol.. anyways. Also I for example only feel attracted to white girls who doesn't fit to the arabian culture at all. Either if its from the looks or the behaviour. So yeah there you have it. People like me exist as well.

  • Wow, i'm an arab male and these generalizations about us are horrible. I am conservative when it comes to sex and would only have sex when it comes to a serious relationship and I would get with someone who felt the same way. That doesn't mean I will get fool around with non-muslims, wtf.

    Also, regarding them being controlling husbands, that might be true if they were raised up in a different country. Generalizations, honestly get to know whoever you fancy before you judge, you never know you miss out on something special.

    Also, don't give out.. that's enough for any guy to lose respect regardless of race.

  • All i can say is BLEEEEHHHHH...
    This is not arab guy's fault, it's your fault for being weak in Love then cried later on.
    Let me repeat of my self.

    BLEEEHHHHH!!!... :P

  • I just asked my Saudi roommate your question and he said that he would have sex with a western girl but only marry a Saudi girl.

  • It depends on the country he is from and more on the individual as always. A lot of middle eastern countries are so dramatically different from one another that one can have more in common with a western country.

  • Hate to say it but yeah

    Arab guys just go around with other girls but at the end they know they are going to break up with whatever girl and just get with a a girl

    When this happens I feel REALLY bad for the girl because she doesn't know about all the things the guy did before they got together and she thinks he is a nice guy but he really isn't =/

    • I really appreciate your honesty :) You don't have to answer under anonymous. I'm not one of those over sensitive question askers who is going to be a tyrant and block or troll on the profile of someone who doesn't give them sugar coated, flowery answers :P Can you share more of your knowledge about this topic?

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    • :) thanks, yeah the guy I dated stoped seeing me because I wouldn't put out.

    • I'm glad you two are no longer seeing each other.

      Now you can find some good guys to date =)

      You deserve better

  • not really. usually they date them to see if they would be the right women for them and how they would fit with their culture.. but cause the culture is so different, they see that there is no point to it and just marry a nice muslim women who understand their culture and respect it.

    however, there are many cases where they find someone they like who is even better educated smart respectful and most of all beautiful inside out then i would personally go for it

  • Religion is an individual thing (atleast it should be) so a lot of people from the same religions will have varying degrees of religiousness, some of them might think like this, some won't, you can't prejudge everyone under one group

    • omg I knew somebody would come here with this typical, annoying answer. I did not say that every single Arab guy on Earth is like this. I'm just saying, for those who are, I'd like to know how they think.

  • We are the tunisian mens we loved to marry a tunisian muslim girls but we dont mind if love show off with and other girl with another religion
    There is who wanna just have fun with foreign girls and there is who wanna love and marry them 😊

  • I'm an Arab American, originally from Palestine, and I know this question was asked over a year ago, but I want to discourage the current and future female readers of this page to disregard a majority of the negative perceptions of Arab men that they may have read on this page or on some other website or heard from a female or male friend of theirs, unless you've come face to face and have actually conversed with an Arab person (whether male or female) on this subject matter. Everyone else purporting to have insightful information on Arab males, are potentially not even of Arab origin themselves, this is especially true of those intolerant and ignorant belligerents posing as such.

    With regards to your two prominent inquires, "are non-Muslim women 'practice'" and "would an Arab Muslim male marry a non-Muslim female," obviously it depends on the individual Arab Muslim. I'll answer both questions at once, for me, it would apparently be dependent on whether I felt an affinity with her beyond the physical attributes and characteristics. If my inner self did desire to bond with hers for the remainder of my human life (life on earth), then I'd vividly want her as my wife, and I, as her husband. Again, this is solely me, but I'd also want her to convert to Islam. For some males, Muslim and non-Muslim, this is essential. For others, it isn't. For me, it is. It's not required that she be Muslim initially, before the relationship has progressed into the advanced stages, but ultimately, I personally would want her to convert, on her own will of course. And if she refused to convert, and it was vital to me that she did (which it is), then I'd assess the situation and move from there.

  • Muslim man is allowed to marry a women of heaven-sent religions (Muslim or Jewish or Christian woman) as long as she has faith in the one and only one God. He is not allowed to marry woman/girl of non-heaven sent religions. However, if man has concern that the children will be influenced to be other than Muslim if he marries Jewish or Christian woman, then he should not do it. The children have to be Muslims by religion and should be raised according to Islam religion. The answer below is not much different.

    So! Cannot marry until the non-Muslim accepts Islam and convert to Islam if the non-Muslim is not Jewish or Christian (called People of the Book). According to Quran, Woman from, 'People of Book' is allowed for marriage with a Muslim man without converting to Islam religion.

    • Yea well sadly it's very hard to believe God would segregate people like that. As in saying some are worthy of heaven and some are not,,. and if your not, she's not worthy of your love

  • im tunisien , this is my Facebook if you want to know more about arab guys

    Facebook. com /lahouar. oussama

  • Hi I am a Syrian American guy and I am going to tell you the secret for all this.

    Rule 1.) "Go blond or go home"

    This is the rule Syrian mothers tell their sons, I am pretty sure every Syrian heard this one!

    I am going to tell you the way i rate an American girl. Is she a slut, does they way she dresses make her look like a slut, does she have a tattoo, how many guys did she sleep with, is she very bold with what she thinks and wants, and does she think I would be ok with all this?

    As you see I all this information is taken into account if I wanted a long term relationship with a American girl, plus these are the questions you should ask your self and then you will see what an Arab guy thinks of you.

    • Hey Mr. Syrian guy. Is it possible a Syrian guy marries a non-Syrian gal? Like for example, Syrian-Asian. Coz my friend's status is like that. Your answer will be truly much appreciated.

    • Yes Dauntless1290 it is possible, see not all of us are into blonds. It also depends on where the guy was raised like for example here in the states you get see and meet people from all corners of the Earth so your more open to far cultures.

    • Hi, i have been with a syrian guy for 2 years now, we have been intimating, but since he met me he knew im a decent woman and i was looking for something serious, he still tells me he is not ready for a relationship, he had a girl from his country he was going to marry, and also ended up the relationship cuz he was pressuring him to marry, as for me, after he broke up w her (which he met after me) he used to treat me bad before, but now he started making things more clear to me, he doesn't lie to me, he tells me everything he is doing, he is lovely, he talks to me about his family, he doesn't deny me he is playing aroung w other girls, but he always said im the one he most like from all, he introduce me to his brother and some of his co workers. and he asked me that if i could understand him, we probably could be together.. should i believe him, or should i step out? will he end up marrying a girl from his country in the end?

  • WHO... WHAT... WHY

  • Im an Arab guy and I dunno it's just something towards western girls that just pulls me since I was a child the first time I saw a western girl I just can't resist it. Anyways I donnu if it's just a dream or one day I will get to marry a western lady. Although they warn me about how some (and I'm stressing on the point some not all) are not loyal.

  • well they consider you sluts for fun, soo...

  • I honestly dont understand this hypocritical side of girls in the western world. When they meet a white guy or black guy or any other guy they dont think about marriage straight away in that moment. But when an arab guy approaches them they will reject him because they think that he won't marry them in the future? What the hell?

    I dont think this is fair, all non arab guys can fool around but arab guys have to be very decent and they should be ready to propose to the first girl they meet. The western world has a lot of partying and fooling around with the opposite/same sex, but again when an arab guy wants to join he has to sign a contract that he will marry this girl. I mean that western couples dont always get married and there are a lot of levels in relationships, they gradually become stronger. Most important that arab guys are not all Muslims!! And arabs dont all come from one counrty!! There are a lot of arab countries with different cultures and traditions. As an arab guy I get judged about everything basically, people look at me and they expect me to be the perfect guy and when Im not that guy they reject the idea of any kind of relationships. And I dont think that its fair that we should our entire culture just because disagree with it, if you like someone then accept them based on who they really are not what they could change into. I wish that girls in western countries would just treat arab guys like any other guys.

  • You girls are only worth practice. None of you are virgins.

  • Before giving my answer,
    I want to let you know that I am a Muslim Arab, born and raised in the Middle East, currently studying in the Pacific Northwest, so I know what I am talking about,
    So to answer your question, IT DEPENDS, what country is he from? How connected is he to his family? Is his family liberal or very conservative? I come from a gulf country so judging from my experience with how guys think from my home country, they fear constant judgement and ridicule from family members or the general public because they married a girl that probably slept with lots of guys. This is what they think.

    But I've met atheist, agnostic or even liberal muslim arabs from gulf countries that wouldn't mind marriage from different cultures.

    In non-gulf countries, the traditions are different, Arab Americans are different, so it depends on different circumstances.

    My advice to you is that you should go very slowly in a relationship with an Arab, after all, I've seen successful marriages before.

    Good luck

  • Not true for the majority of Arab Muslim men.

    This question is the equivalent to "are all guys players"?
    Don't let a few douchebags ruin it for everyone!

    Muslim men are not allowed to have girlfriends.
    But they can marry religious Christian and Jewish women.

  • Arab guys are more respectful than others hahaha... that's a good one... there known to be violent aggressive and rude... I mean just look at how they live in their countries

    But that aside, I know plenty of amazing Arab people

  • Ok here is an interesting perspective... I am a non Arab male who married into a conservative arab family only to end up in tears and heartache.

    You want truth? Get ready bc its ugly and perhaps its bias bc the family was born here yet stuck to traditional ideals.

    Ok Arab guys (U. S) are pompous, arrogant, showy, pretentious and highly judgmental. Anything NON arab is considered sh! t. Also highly racist. I come from a god fearing good Spanish family but don't ever judge me based on what i do/don't have.

    Church: Filled with people who pretend to be honest Christians only to show up in the most disrespectful of outfits while talking behind peoples back only to hide the snow that exists in front of your house.

    Point blank... if you want to marry an arab male/female do yourself a favor and learn the language secretly and dont tell anyone about it. Then really pay attention to what is being said. Play the role of 'Hamlet' and witness whats around you. You will pleasantly surprised with the hypocrisy that permeates every aspect of your life with this person. In addition, get ready to be compared to... this holds especially true for girls... wow u guys go through a lot. All that matters is reputation, money and prestige. No one gives a rats ass if you are a good person and everyone is trying to sell you some line of pure bullshit.

    • Exactly... this is a accurate description overall... but of course there are good ones... but for sure 5 out of 19 will be like this... plus Arabs tend to be very involved in their communities and stick together.. meaning one is most likely like the other

  • I don't know about the rumours I am hearing but I am Egyptian Canadian and here are some facts. I don't care about the religion of a girl or where she comes from. I am not looking for any flings. I know some arab guys have a bad reputation but you can't know unless you try for your self. I have heard some that some arab girls hate on Egyptian guys out of jealousy. My friend was in a long-term relationship with a girl and they were going to get married. His stupid egyptian female friend kept telling the white Canadian the same kind of stuff you are saying. Although that's not why they split up, he was very annoyed about the rumors that the egyptian girl was spreaading. Here are some facts to clear things up. My brothers best friend is married to a white Canadian. My cousin just married a white Canadian this summer. My other cousin who is actually 100% Egyptian lives in Germany. He has been married to a white-german girl for over 5 years and they have a very cute little daughter. I have met them quite a few times and they seem like a very happy family. I honestly don't care about a girl's religion, cultural/racial background or whatever. All of these comments from girls who claim to be arab though just remind me that being with an arab girl is probably the least thing that is likely to happen.

    • Here is another interesting fact for you to know. Muslim guys are allowed to marry girls who are non-Muslim and believe me they do it a lot. Muslim girls however, according to Islam are not allowed to marry guys who are non-Muslim. This is where the problem lies for the arab-Muslim girls. Frustrated with a lot of men moving towards girls from other cultures, some women try to spread rumours about them out of jealousy. There men are already outnumbered by the girls, the last thing they need

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    • she kinda just gave out this vibe like "well damn what's wrong with us Arab girls? why not be with us? why are they with other races but not us?" I'd feel a bit insecure like "well damn what's wrong with me? why not choose me considering I'm more familiar with the culture and religion?" I mean who wouldn't? I can kind of relate because I felt like that temporarily when black men started praising every other group of women other than black women. It feels like sh*t.

    • I can imagine it sucking even more for them because unlike me, they can't just go date outside of their ethnicity! They kind a have to choose from the scraps. Pick whoever is left that is an option for them while so many wonderful Arab men date and marry women who are nothing like them

  • Well Arab guys are allowed to date a non Muslim/arab, that is accepted. I think its only under the condition that the girl still convert to islam though but they deffinitly can date out. Muslim girls are restricted to only marrying Muslim guys


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  • I am a Palestinian and Well first of all Its forbidden for Muslims to date. And to be honest it's all about Arabian culture and that in the end the man and family are pleased with an Arabian woman who knows culture and religion to raise the kids. No matter what nationality you are tho Muslims must marry muslim, unless you are a Muslim man you can marry a non Muslim as long as the children follow Islam and take the father's religion but over all the Arabian mentality is that Arabs must marry Arabs or else they're fround upon (which is not what the religion says but what can ya do) not saying in anyway I'm against marrying an Arab man lol

  • I'm not Arab, but my dad is Lebanese. I can see how my full Arab cousins are around arab girls, muslim-arab girls and non Arab-muskim girls.
    My cousins are so handsome and charming and they treat me like a queen. Also when they meet my friends girls they treat them well but they don't do it to flirt with them.
    Even if my Dad's family it's conservative, they permitted my dad to marry mom just because she was a "good wife material". I know, it's not a good tag but well
    Some Arab guys are interested in non Arab girls just because they make them feel handsome, amazing, exotic, etc.
    Most of the guys that I met flirt with non-Arab girls just for a night.
    I'M NOT GENERALISATING. My dad is a prove that it wasn't just a night stand, cus' he did everything for my family to accept my mommy.
    It's just about every guy.

  • Usually yes same with Indian guys

  • It's understandable if their family (the wealthy ones) have total control of their destiny (arranged marriage deals) and having a non muslim marry into the family won't gel so well with their family since they don't know arabic to communicate with them.

  • C: ... lmao a lot of people say that

  • Hey I live in Holland and I dated a few Moroccans, 5paki men, aTunesian, a Iraqi, couple of Egyptian men and 4 Somali men,

    I love Arab men and I'm not to good in relationships in general and neither were they actually. I had a lot of fun with them and they are very passionate and cute and manly dominant(in a good way) but they will end up choosing for a Muslima.

    They just want a good time with us western girls

  • i myself fell into an arab man. As you said, they were treating me like a queen. But we end up nowhere.and I have to always forgive him when he messes around with other painful.I can't do anyting except forgiving him. I am trapped.

    • lol, don't be so dramatic. You can leave. You are not physically trapped.

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    • Will do that. Just still thinking where to start. The situation is too complicated for me. Wish me luck. My advice to others, be careful with sweet and convincing words. It looked true. Believe me, it's not. They are easily saying 'I swear to Allah' which we (in our country) never say it unless it's true.

    • what country are you two from?

  • Your explanation has personally happened to me. My advice is to keep Arab guys as friends, but never let them into your bed.

    • oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that! Please share your experience?

  • Happen to me. 5yrs I dated him. We were friends from age 13. started dating age 22. he put me through so much I love them so much. He fooled me over and over. then he up and left to go to India to find a wife I never told me anything. he degraded me with his words, cheated on me hit me. without a sleep on the phone every day for four and a half years. then he just insulted me so badly and left. telling me to kill myself. to walk into a gun range in just put a bullet in my head. I wake up in the middle of the night with my core aching in pain for him. I feel as though he's broken my soul and my spirit. he told me such horrible things and then said thank you for the practice sexual practice. then told me how much he cheated on me and let me taste of the girls off of him without telling me. I was humiliated disgusted I really just wanted to die. all that I thought was real was not. I really was just a practice girlfriend for him that he used and disposed.

    • LOL !! India is not arab country and the majority are hinduismus. we can only married with ( muslim , christians and jewish women).i feel sorry for you but you maybe should lerne more about geography,,, just saying !!1

  • I am a Chinese girl.I recently met an Saudi Arabian guy in college. He is really nice and always buys me food. He is such a gentleman and nothing like chinese guys. He would open the door for me, pull my chair etc etc. We make out once in his car and give our first kiss to each other but never had sex.

    He did confessed his love to me but I just didn't feel the same way. But we still hang out a lot. He told me all about himself and his family. I even met some of his friends and they are really nice.

    Now here is the thing, he live at the hostel and I went to his room once. Me and him alone in the room. I sat on his bed all the time. And hear this he didn't do anything inappropriate to me. He just sat on his work table and hardly get near the bed. I know I must be so lucky to met him because if its any other guys, I will lose my virginity by now.

    Sometimes we would go to his car at the empty parking lot. And listen, he never tried to touch me or anything even if we are alone.

    I know he wanted us to kiss again because he been hinting it a lot and even ask me outright. I said no many times and he just listen to me and didn't argue. He never force kiss me or anything.

    I couldn't say it for all Arabian guys out there. He is the first arabian guy I met. What I wanted to say is, they may be all Arabs but we certainly cannot generalize all Arab men. They maybe Arab but they have different upbringing and personalities.

    We cannot judge a person by its race alone. I am Chinese and I can certainly tell you that there are also tons of chinese guys who are heartless and use woman for sex

  • I dont think that all of them like that. I met my Arab husband on holiday and he never treated me as a experiment. I even met his all family , he never forced me to convert to Islam. I met his parents before and also i never felt that they would treat me different if i am Muslim.

  • Don't date arab guys that are outside your religion! It will never work out! I know from experience! I dated a Muslim Arabic guy. And it ended because it wasn't going anywhere! He could never commit! I am know dating a Arabic man who is catholic like me and he makes me so much happier! Try dating a catholic or Christian ! You will be so much happier! Muslim Arabs are not bad , but a relationship will only lead to a break up or you converting to Islam !

  • I moved to Dubai to be a flight attendant. I am a Caucasian woman. It doesn't matter which country. I flew for Emirates for 3 years and only finished recently. I had no opinions on Arab men before going there. When I first arrived to Dubai admittedly I saw cute ones all the time. Mostly skinny guys. I do prefer athletic men and very few Arab men are athletic. (Just look at all the major sports like football and in the Olympics). But every once in awhile you would find an Arab man who I could tell goes to the gym. So usually I just saw handsome faces and skinny non-athletic men. Most western women do not find this attractive though. So, of course I have to go by personality. These handsome men with skinny bodies. I could only hope they had interesting things to talk about and fun personalities.

    Now, my judgement of Arab men spans all over the Middle East, not just Dubai. So when you read this, don't think this is just "Dubai men".

    Remember I traveled the world. I went to over 100 countries, and before I worked for Emirates I also traveled all over. I went to Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon etc, you get the idea. So I met men from all of those countries and many many more.

    In my interactions, of course there are respectful and disrespectful men in all cultures. Just as there will always be good and bad.

    I found Arab men to be the most disrespectful of women I have ever encountered. Emirates employs women from all around the world. So I have friends and co-workers from really every nation on the planet, and we all thought the same thing. The Chinese, Korean, Brazilian, French, Australian, Singaporean, Mexican, American, Spanish... really, every country and race you can think of... they all thought the BEHAVIOR of the Arab men was disgusting. We were grabbed on the ass in planes the most by Arab men. In each of the Arab countries the men treated us like we were lower than men.

  • I am a regular Canadian woman who has been married to a middle eastern man for the last 23 years and believe me I am just finding out what they are all about. I found pictures on his cellphone of him having sex with a girl 18 years old he works with. He seems to think it was ok he did that and blames me for everything he did and does. At this point we are separated and he is staying at her place. He is still saying its all my fault for not being there for him and he says I am trying to control him. I am not controlling him in fact he has never had to be here all the years with me and his sons. Only when I was the main money maker he had to stay at home and take care of them because he lost his job and with my salary we couldnt afford a babysitter. he has been able to go back home when ever he has wanted. In fact he left for back home when I was 8 months pregnant with my 2nd son and he didn't even see him till one month had passed. In my experience I know quite a few middle eastern men who have had non middle eastern wives and end in divorce or they end up getting middle eastern wives but still fool around on their middle eastern wives. At the moment we are living apart. I have left the decision for us up to him for the moment I cannot make up his mind. He has to do it. I need to know his decision so I can move on with my life and remain in this limbo I am in now,.

  • As an Arab-Muslim girl, I may have some facts that might help with this "dating/marriage - Muslim/Non-Muslim" situation

    So, as a religious Muslim girl, if I were to marry, I would have to marry a Muslim man since in our religion the child both belongs to the man, and has to be Muslim. Get it?

    But, it's different for a Muslim man since he's already Muslim, if he were to marry someone, he'd be allowed to choose from one of the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) when we chose someone to date/marry.
    Then the baby would be taking on the mans religion, which would still be Muslim, and the man would be able to have a wife with a different religion. :D

    But, in most cases for a man, when you marry someone that's not of the same religion, they usually convert just for the best of your child.

    Hope this could help out in some way~

    See, even me, as a religious person >.< I'm dating a christian, it's not that bad since he's one of the religions but in this society and generation, it doesn't seem to matter all so much since
    1) Even if he does convert for me (which would be a total blessing) He's probably not gonna follow anything, or be religious with me in that matter and
    2) Most people just convert to be safe, if you really loved the person you'd do it for them, make them happy so you two can be together

    And no, i don't think of him as practice or anything, he's like... I so wanna be his future wifey ;-;

  • A lot of these responses shock me. I know I have not been in my relationship for a LONG time however I have been in long enough and we have experienced enough for me to speak on the matter. I think a lot of these negative comments are due to the fact that a lot of these people got into a relationship with a culture they did not understand. As in ANY relationship if you end up with someone that you can't connect with of course you are going to have your fun and then leave. Muslim men want more natural, conservative, selective, and strong (not bitchy but knows what they want and unbreakable) females. I came into my relationship with my Algerian by complete accident. It has been the best relationship ever and that is due to upbringing, education level and personality. I was brought up very conservative and proper. (Ie my clothing covers me, and for the summer I do the 1-2 rule. If the shorts are a little shorter the top and belly are covered. Belly shows the shoulders and upper legs don't etc) By personal choice the only make up I wear is mascara and sometimes light natural colored eye shadow and chap stick. By experience I rebuked many men that didn't reach my standard (which was stringent). I am moral, pious, educated (I will have my masters) and I make sure to ask/learn about and respect our cultural and religious differences and he does/is the same. I speak my mind, I know exactly what I want and I tell him and I am straight forward open and honest with him and vice versa. He does not place his hands on me when I upset him, I and my son do not have to convert to Islam and our future child/children are going to be brought up both Muslim and Christian and will be allowed to choose when it comes of age. We celebrate his holidays and he celebrates ours. He speaks English and I am a quick learn with French and Arabic. Once I get more of it down my son is going to learn both languages too. We both eat clean and exercise is important in our lives. He treats me like a QUEEN. I mean like OMG it is BREATH TAKING. Never did I EVER guess that a man could be SOOO good to me. I get why so many woman want on the Arabic train. He is dying to meet my parents, he is ALWAYS talking marriage, he has said more then a dozen times how he wants kids with me and we have planned once I have graduated to visit Algeria, his family and friends. We are an amazing fit. I am saying all of this not to brag but to show it isn't about religion/culture is it about the people involved.

    • Keep telling yourself that. Sounds like you want to convince yourself more than anything. What does it matter what we, a bunch of strangers online think?

      Just wait til after you're married, he'll get you to wear that sexy hijab to cover yourself up.

      I mean, if you're cool with that, then no prob, right?

    • 13h

      @littlepisces2727 Really? Why must you be so salty

  • I'm American Muslim and feel that an Arab Muslim should not have pre marital sex because a sin is a sin so any Arab man who thinks that it's ok to have sex with a western then marry his own is still committing adultery. Duh!!!

  • Hmm... a very interesting point of view indeed. I am a Filipino woman and was of Christian faith who married a Palestinian Muslim man. Our relationship is amazing and my husband is the best thing that has ever happened to my life. He's very sweet and charming, yet firm and honest. One of the first things he told me before we got married was that he was looking for somebody who will become his wife and who will help him with his life. Regardless of religion, culture, and nationality, a marriage or relationship will require certain responsibilities from each partner. In the middle-east and other countries, a woman’s responsibilities are to be the "matriarch" of the family (take care of the house, children, etc.) and if she needs to work outside of the house to help then so be it, and the men are the "patriarch" (provide for the family financially, roof over the head, etc.) And if he needs to help in the household so be it too.. It really depends on communicating how to divide the household and how to compromise. That's the truth. Anyway, if you ever figure or find an Arab man you want to love, ask them whether or not they will marry you or not. Any man would want direct inquiries like these.

  • Yuck... Just yuck. They can be sexist, homophobic and misogynistic. Not to mention violent, temperamental, controlling, with old-world views.

    There are so many other men in the world- sweeter, more patient, respectful, understanding, open-minded, progressive... Not to mention better looking (not hairy , guys who don't douse themselves with cologne).

    Let the Muslim girls have their male counterparts, while we enjoy the better men out there :)

  • Not all Arabs are Muslim
    Muslim is a religion

    • Muslims, Arabs, the culture. You get the idea

    • @tripleace apparently You don't get the idea. Arabs race, Muslim religion

  • I'm a western woman married to a muslim arab from north africa since 10 years, and I travelled a lot in north africa and Dubai with him.

    There are large cultural differences between Arab countries. African Norths are more westernized than the Arab Gulf. North African have a lot on french influences and are more "normal" for me. But Gulf arab have a very different culture and they very rarely marry women who are not from their country. I respect Gulf arabs men and women a lot but I would never date a Gulf arab man. I just think some cultures are not compatibles and I would not be a good wife for a Gulf arab. But even with the North Africans it's not always simple. They are mummy guys, and usually mothers in laws are horribles with the stepdauthers, even if she is maghrebian. Even if you convert to Islam, they could remain very racists with you. you must do all the integration efforts. They will never make any effort to accommodate you. They will speak arabs in front of you all days and never place any words in french or English to help you to follow the conversations. The arabic langage is very hard to learn, but they all think you should learn it easily. They lack empathy and are very self centered people. Here in the West we are brainwashed to not be racist, but in arabs countries racism is "normal". Arabs girls in his family or his friends usually are polite but don't want to be friend with you because you are not arab. Some of these girls could be jalous of you if you or just not interested to know you.

    Despite all these problems, my husband is very romantic, passionate and faithful. He has good values ​​and Islam is not so bad as the media say. But He is totally submissive to his family and never say "no" to his parents.

    Also I think our relationship work because I'm very not feminist and I like to be dominated by a man. I like arabs men because They are very masculines, so I know there is a price to pay with it. I don't think that all western women would be able to live with with an arab men. If you are feminist, Forget it.

  • I am a Cali girl that is 20 years old,
    i have been doing some research on Middle eastern guys on how they treat girls and stuff because my boyfriend is from Dubai, but so many different people have told me so many different opinions on middle eastern guys that i honestly do not know what to think of my boyfriend anymore. is it really true that they have arrange marriages? that has been bugging me for the longest lol i trust my boyfriend and all, but when he says "Wallah" (I swear) i kinda have second thoughts of him because i do not know if he really means it or not... it sucks because i want to trust him so much but all of the things that people have told me and the research i have done are so confusing that i am at a point where i do not know what to do anymore :/ he treats me really nice and is respectful with me and very sweet and very Hot! I think he is Perf lol but sad thing is that since he treats me all respectful and nice i think to my self that this is to good to be true and that there is something fishy... and the thing that is stuck to my head 24/7 is if Muslims really hit there gf/wifes :0 i really want to ask my boyfriend, but i do not want to offend him or anything I don't know what to do !!! Anyone has any opinions on what i think? Be Honest please lol :)

  • I'm 19 and pregnant by my skeezy Arab boyfriend who I should have made wear a condom. Now I'm the biggest whore in his opinion!

  • I'm a white Canadian and I'm with an arab guy. Our difference in our race, or religious views do not affect us one bit. We have a bunch of other things in common and we love each other. He's the most respectful man I've ever been with. He's considerate, sweet and generous. Also, I'll agree with you, they're sooo hot. I love the color of his skin, the way he smells. He's perfect. So yeah, it's totally possible. Although, I will say, his whole family isn't 100% supportive. They don't make it a big deal, but I know how they feel about me being different. With time they'll get over it. We're in love :D.

  • I'm an Arab girl (from Kuwait). I wouldn't say all Arab guys are bad; however, I wouldn't say they are all good either. It is sad to say this, but 95% guys in my country (if not 99%) are after one thing. I learned this the hard way. I've been betrayed by my bf, friends, professors, and family members! The society we live in forgive guys actions, which make it easier for them to do what they want. but since Kuwaiti girls are harder to get in bed due to lack of trust & society, they tend to reach non-Kuwaitis, specially western girls, since they trust easier and know nothing about their real motives. Believe me honey when I tell you, they know every trick in the book to get a girls heart! that's why you see them really sweet. However, once you see the real them from most Arab girls prospective, you will understand what we really mean. Of course not all of them are the same. there are men who fall in love and marry non-arabs, but they are the minority. I would say from my own knowledge that 1 from 100 guy is most likely to really mean it. Kuwait society has become corrupted that it is really hard to trust men. Even girls are taking their turns now and becoming worst than guys. A lot Kuwaitis might deny it, but it is the sad truth! (p. s. religion has nothing to do with it)

  • Arab men like to mess around with non muslim woman, but when it's time to settle down they most likely will do it with a muslim woman and start a family with her. It's not haram to marry a non muslim woman but it is looked down upon and shamed by the family. If you want settle down don't get seriousness with a muslim or Arab man, they are most likely using you until they get married

  • Who said that Arab men can't marry non-Muslim girls?! Dear, I'm a Muslim Arabic girl.. in our religion it's OK for the guy to marry a non-Muslim girl!

    If he loves her he can marry her.. no one will prevent him..

    Our neigbour is a Muslim Arabic guy but he has married a non-Muslim woman and they're happy together!

    But some guys can't disobey their parents if they refuse the marriage.. and prefer their parents are satisfied more than anything else!... they tend to choose to marry the girl that his parents approves to marry her because some families don't accept their son to marry any girl, unless they are satisfied with her and think she's good for him! Even if she's a Muslim and Arabic!

    But that doesn't mean that Arab guys are just fooling around.. not all of them... most of them (especially those who appreciate their religion) are respectful and treat the woman as a queen, especially if they see that the girl respects herself first...! ^^

  • Knowmeyourself is 100% right! My mom was born in Algeria and grew up there during most of her childhood. My mom is European (Italian). My mom knows the way Arab men think. Growing up the Algerian women were not even allowed to go to the cafes. I asked Knowmeyourself for her opinion on an Egyptian man that I befriended, and she gave the same exact advice she's giving you. As I think about what she said, I remembered he said, "I like to play games." I don't think so, I hate playing games. Without mentioning he comment about games Knowmeyourself said the same exact words (play games).

    What this all comes down to is, do you mind being held to a double standard? Do you mind being controlled in a relationship?

    • I refuse to be controlled in a relationship and the double standard behavior displayed pisses me off! It's so unfair. I couldn't deal with it. we would battle it out.

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    • You're taking this personally, and you're not even an Arab man. You are CANADIAN! Your friends are Candians that act like kids there age do. I'm sorry about what happened. Also, I know about women not being able to marry non-Muslim men. My cousins are Muslim, I know a lot about the religion. But this is not a religion debate, you have to understand that. This is a culture debate. A culture you know nothing about because you don't live there.

    • Hvis standarder er gode, dobbeltmoral er dobbelt saa godt. (Danish saying: if standards are good, double standards are twice as good)