Am I just aiming too high?

I'm 20 and I'm still single...I feel like the girls I'm attracted to will never like me back...WHY? Am I too ugly for an 8? I'm honestly looking for girls who are like 8 out of 10.

I hate putting numbers on girls :/

I'm just sick and tired of being single when I know I can be a great boyfriend.

Also I'm like only 5'7...too shortt!
Wow so I'm getting yelled at by the women here because I'm classifying women based on numbers. But I'm sure I already sympathized with you by saying I don't like doing that.

You guys need to relax more. Girls rate guys all the time and guys do it as well. You can't scream "douche" because its hypocritical and just "over the top."

Sorry you think I'm a douche, because I'm really really not. I don't go out often and I have close friends. I'm loyal.

From where I come from, the "rating" thing is just a loose and general way of describing people's looks. Picking girlfriends based on "rating" is obviously dumb; we all know that.

But it is a distinction, a "first impression" if you will to describe the collective group of females I'm interested in. That entails 8+/10. It is what it is. It's subjective. I don't see any reason to be offended by that because we all internally rate people we see. I'm just vocal about it...


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  • Give girls ratings, but keep them to yourself. It is fine to have standards, but it is offensive to share them. I realized I have high standards and this is why I am still single, but I am currently at peace with myself and I am taking my time to look for her.

    Do not believe what women say. They WILL rate us, even subconsciously. However, they are nice enough to not tell us our ratings directly. They do not like us rating them, because looks is much more important for women than for men. It is like a woman rating you on your social and financial status. Wouldn't you be offended and perceive her as shallow or even a gold digger?

    5'7 is not short. You are still taller than the vast majority of women on Earth. While taller men are more attractive, your height is not working against you now. It is just not giving you any bonuses too.

    You say you work out. But what do you have to show for it? Working out and being fit alone is not enough. What you want is some muscles on you to increase your chances.

    I believe you are being too impatient, maybe because you are young. You want to become a prince over night. But you do know that physical and psychological transformation takes many months of hard work and reflection, don't you?

    In your previous thread, I gave you advice on how to improve your looks which will in turn boost your confidence. Did you take my advice to heart, or did you get offended that I do not think you are prince charming and brushed it off?

    I hope you will act less defensive and realize that we are trying to help you, not offend you.

    gummybear888 gave you the gentlest, sweetest and most truthful answer I have read on this thread so far. Read it again thoroughly.

    Little-Hippie gave you an advice that actually works, albeit sort of in a sinister way. It is the player's way to improve. Train on average women until you level up and then you can tackle the more attractive ones. Now we know you are looking for a relationship and we assume you are honest and not a player, so let us not take this route.

    I wish you all the best buddy.

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      Most of that advice though is still making him put women on a pedistal, I agree with the part you said about taking many months of relflection and hard work but there is nothing wrong with even dating an average woman because you never know what you may find in them, you can't predict who your going to feel things for or who your going to be with, even I don't know that and I never knew I would end up with a dark guy but I don't care he is dark, I only care for what he offers from inside.

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      Also he does not need to work out and get bigger muscles, he needs to accept that he is not perfect and he is fine the way he is not try and be all ripped and all that like JLS or something, let him be who he wants to be not tell him to make his muscles bigger, it's all about accepting people for who they are. I said in my comment though the reason he's being impatient is because of movies that teach you love happens "just like that" lol a lot of people do that these days bless em.