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I'm so mad at my ex... Should I tell him that I hate him?

Well me and my ex are actually in friend terms... we agreed to be friends and, yes, we still love each other. We've established that but he doesn't... Show More

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  • Fuck ex's that want to be friends.. they want to see what else is out there and play the field.. yet be friends with you so they can rub it in that they can get attention... then when they've done enough people and get screwed over, they can run back to you because you were stupid enough to fall for it. I wan't my ex to suffer and get screwed over so she can come running back and I can say no.

    • Have you ever told her how much you hate her?

    • I wrote her a reality check email a few months ago and basically reminded her to never forget where she came from, and through a mutual friend, I guess it really cut to the core. She will fall on her face, she will regret leaving me because though she might be able to replace me with a better looking guy- she will never replace the treatment I gave her, and I love I had. She was my queen, my angel, the love of my life.. I would have given my life for her.. and never regretted it for a second...

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