Does he like me or hate me?

Okay, I know this question have been asked SO many times, but I really need to know! I won't make a move if I know he doesn't like me. [I'm not friends with him] There's this guy in my class, I don't really talk that much to him or anything. But there's definitely something going on! A part... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • The same thing happens to me too... it kinda sucks.. its worse for me though... my guy goes through moments where he forgets I'm alive.. bOY I FREaking HATE life THEN! ARGGGGGH...

    Ok going back to the subject :)

    From what I see, those negative signs are actualy positive in a way... he rushes like another answerer said, because he is too shy, he flirts to make you jealous... steals the stuff= that is the only way "GUys" think they are making you happy.. god, they can be so freaking annoying then... when guys tease you, depending on the guy, and whether he does it to all the girls... if he does it to you only and alot... in a way, where he laughs with you rather than at you, that means... he definitely does like you... the seldom smile part is also another clue... he could be really shy to be around you, and having a smile plastered on your face also makes a person look a bit like a clown.. LOl...

    From all what you say.. I really think he LIKES you! COonGRATS... AND GOOD LUCK!