He complains about everything. What should I do?

My boyfriend and I have been together 2 years he complains about everything if I ask him a question more then once if I sit to close to him on the... Show More

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  • asking a questions more than once can get annoying if it happens alllll the time - but still its not a reason to FREAK OUT...and sitting too close to you? if he loves you he should want to be as close as possible...you shouldnt be apologizing for something you don't know what you are apologizing for...saying sorry because you want to end on a good note isn't hte answer - if he's wrong HE should be apologizing NOT you...you need to sit down and figure out the problem...are you guys having sex enough? do you talk to one another, vent to one another, laugh with one another, go out with one another? it seems like you are trying but he's not noticing...thats not fair to you, you need to figure out WHY he gets so frustrated all the time, WHY he's so annoyed, maybe its not you and he just happens to take it out on you by accident? I dunno...try and get to the root of the problems and if he says its you, leave him you deserve better because from what you're saying you aren't doing anything wrong