Why does he want to get married so fast?? Points to best answer!?

Why does a very possessive, controlling, and jealous man want to get married so quick?

And after they get married, do they usually become less possessive and controlling of their wife because supposedly "she belongs to him?"

Also, why does he say that he wants us to have kids right after we get married?


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  • Being with a controlling guy is the absolute worst. I wasted 2 years of my life being with a guy because I became too dependent on him and was scared to leave. When we finally broke up, I must say that was the best decision of my life. If he is controlling right now, it sounds like if you and him got married he would be even more controlling because you legally "belong" to him. I would say run far away from him. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


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  • well I'm married and it took a long time to get that way truthfull I don't understand why I man whould want to get married fast and rush such a beautiful thing like that I'm sorry if this is your perd***ameant I wish you the best of luck


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  • Run honey. Take my word for this is NOT the type of marriage you want. You want to be adored not controlled. The kid thing is a way to trap you. It works both ways you know. Women do it every day. Not telling you to end the relationship if you love him but you are young so live life first.

  • Controlling men don't change

  • guys like that want to control you as much as possible. also if you have kids it will be much harder for you to leave him because you will be somewhat dependant on him. if he is already controlling and possesive marriage will not make it better, you should fix the probs in your relationship before you get married or have any kids. especially before you have kids or you have a strong possibility of ending up some barefoot and pregnant abused housewife