Lying OR Cheating? What is worse?

I know myself that both lying and cheating are wrong but when your with someone which one can you "take" meaning which ONE is acceptable (keeping the relationship going).

This is a poll! Or comment if you wanna.

Please if the options below need to be reworded in some way, post a comment and tell me.

  • Vote B I can accept them if they cheat while in a relationship with me.
  • Vote C I can accept them if they are lying to me in a relationship.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Personally, I think lying is a part of cheating. You can lie without cheating but you can't really cheat without lying (well I guess you could but generally they go hand in hand). So with that in mind, I would say cheating is worse than lying.

    • Hmmmm... now you got a point! "you can lie without cheating" and "you can't really cheat unless you lie" so in order like this way of thinking sounds 100% right!